"garage door set" device type

I have successfully configured a gen1 smartthings multi sensor as a tilt open/closed sensor for my garage door, and a relay as a virtual momentary switch for my garage door. Both work as expected.

There is a device type in the IDE called “garage door set” that appears to allow me to group these two together in one tile that lets me both open/close the garage and see opened/closed status. But that tile doesn’t open or close the garage, and doesn’t appear to actually be linked to the garage door opener switch- the icon doesn’t match the actual icon of the switch.

Is this device type supported? I can’t find any documentation on it.

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ping. ping.

Please search the community for garage door and you will find several threads on this topic. I don’t know anything about the device you mentioned but you will need a SmartApp to sync the devices.

There are a few solutions that I have used, one free:

And a paid version: