Garage Door Relay installed, which Sensor to buy?

(Ladysman) #1

Yesterday i finally installed my Linear Relay for my garage door opener. You can find it here.

It works great but now i need a sensor to tell me when the door is opened or closed. Which sensor do you recommend for this? I know the multi-sensor should work but i was thinking of just getting this .

Is there pro’s and cons of doing it either way (ST multi vs the Ecolink?)


(Andrew Urman) #2

@ladysman the Ecolink works pretty well, but for the price I would update to the multi. It also gives you temperature and vibration.

(Michael) #3

I like the multi for the temperature feature. If the garage hits a certain temp, turn on the fan, turn on the heat, open the door, etc.

(Longhorn84) #4

Go with the multi from ST. For one thing we want to support their growth and two, you can guarantee seamless integration into their app! I have the multi on my garage door and it works great. I just wish I had the ability to toggle the sensor from orientation to show open/closed to a traditional open/close so I can use the app for my gate!

(Ladysman) #5

Thank you for the replies! I should have noted, i already have a multi sensor on the back door so i can get temps and such from that.

After i posted this i saw staples carried this Ecolink sensor. It said if I order in the next 20 minutes, i get 10% off. Thus I bought 2 of them (3 car garage).

I like the ideas of the temp. I need to get a thermostat though next. I tried the nest but could never get it to work. It turned the heat on and never turned it off. This is with 3 different Nest units. THus I sent it back.

(Darryl) #6

@ladysman : Check out ecobee. I have the (2x) Smart Thermostat and love them. Feature packed, and I feel a better overall thermostat than the Nest. Definitely not as easy to wire though.