Garage Door Recommendations?

I am looking for advice on garage door openers that work natively with SmartThings (new version) in the United States.

I am not interested in using the MyQ SmartApp, I am looking for something that has standard native integration with the SmartThings platform when you go to add a “Garage door” device type.

According to SmartThings, they support:

  • GoControl Z-Wave Garage Opener
  • Iris
  • iSmartGate
  • Twine
  • Tailwind

When selecting the first two in the SmartThings app, they say “DEVICES AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES”
However, when selecting the last three in the SmartThings app, they say “DEVICES AVAILABLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES”

iSmartGate ( and Twine ( seem to be the two coolest-looking and most professional products out of that list - but I am hesitant that the app says they are for other countries.
That all being said, I see no reason why those products would not work in the USA - does anyone have experience with them or know why the SmartThings app says that?

Hi, I use the ismartgate and works perfectly. About the Smartthings, they said that this week they will launch a new firmaware update to enable Smartthings compatbility.


Does this work with Alexa?