Garage door opener for SmartThings? (Norway)


I’m from Norway and wonder if anyone knows about a garage door opener that works with SmartThings?

Best regards, Truls :smile:

Meross should work. The device is Wi-Fi, and the integration with smartthings is cloud to cloud, though, so I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for. But it’s a very popular device. :sunglasses:

It’s sold by Amazon itself at most Amazon sites, including UK and DE, if you want to read customer reviews.

Original version at Amazon UK:

Newer version with external antenna at Amazon DE

There are several different versions, the main thing to notice is that the more expensive one has a much stronger external antenna (which you will see in the product pictures), and can also handle a garage with three individual doors. The older one only has an internal antenna and can only handle two doors, but it is noticeably less expensive. so it just depends on your needs. :man_shrugging:t2:

If you would prefer a local (non-cloud) option, there are also Zigbee garage door controllers available. I have one similar to this

You can choose the type of power plug you need. While the one I linked to has a wired door contact sensor, some have a wireless one.

Works perfectly with @w35l3y 's Tuya EF00 driver.

We should also mention that you should check to see if your area has any specific safety codes required for garage door openers. Some do, some don’t, but if they do, that might limit the choices you have. :thinking:

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I ordered the ismartgate :+1:

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I have the iSmartGate on my sliding gate. Works well.