Garage Door Operation & Sensor Working with WeMo Maker: Question About Notification if Open After X Minutes

Hey Guys -

Today I decided to use the WeMo Maker I got last Christmas for operation of my garage door. Once finished, I can now open / close the door from Alexa, an app, or IFTTT trigger. I also built a sensor out of spare parts so that the WeMo Maker shows the sensor as “closed” when the door is open and “open” when the door is closed.

SmartThings doesn’t natively support WeMo Maker, but I found a great script where I was able to locally publish it as a “Thing” with support to trigger the door as well as the sensor state.

My question is if there is a way / SmartThings app which would trigger something if it detects that the sensor has been “closed” (garage door open) for over X minutes. I’m not wanting it to close, just a notification - ideally have Alexa tell us but don’t know if possible. I’ve found methods / apps to get it to trigger immediately, but not after a timeout.

I currently use a SmartThings Hub, Amazon Echo (Alexa), IFTTT, and many other devices.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

As long as it reports as an open/close sensor, you can use a custom alert in smart home monitor for the notification.