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Garage Door openers? Zwave vs Wifi vs Zigbee

(Dan) #1

What is the most popular garage door opener these days?
Is a Wemo Maker the way to go since it is wifi? I keep reading that wifi is the future but I am not here to debate that.

Or should I go the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave?


I have Aladdin connect it works great I just wish Smartthings supported it.


I believe in terms of numbers the most popular is still Chamberlain. Their web app is called MyQ. There is an unofficial integration between MyQ and SmartThings

With regard to alternatives, the linear that you listed (which is also sold under the go control, Iris, and Nutone brands) and another brand, Telgard, both meet UL safety requirements and work well with SmartThings.

The WeMo and other relay options essentially just hotwire the garage door controller, and do not meet those safety standards for remote operation.

Whether you care about that or not is a personal decision, but it would be important if you want to use the device on a rental property, or even an Airbnb location.

The Linear is the only one with an official SmartThings integration, and is very popular in the community.

(Chris) #4

I’m using Wemo Makers for my roller garage doors because the company I got the doors from have been making their controller boards work with them. They won’t supply this functionality without a ‘safety edge’ system to prevent injury or damage when the doors are closed remotely and allows for a single button open and close.

My only reservations with the Wemo is the lag, the events seem somewhat delayed so even after it’s obvious the door is open, it can take a few seconds to get the event. Also, the Maker only has one sensor input so you can’t accurately determine if a door is open or closed using that. I’m going to augment mine with a contact sensor at the bottom so I can tell if the door has actually closed.

I made a device type for the Maker in case you decided to go down that route:

I’m also writing a SmartApp that creates a virtual garage door opener using other devices to determine the state of the door and the control it. There’s already something like this that someone else made but I prefer to make my own stuff when I feel I can improve upon something.

One final thought on security, the Wemo Maker relies entirely on UPNP without any kind of authentication. If you can get onto someones WiFi network, you can control their Wemo stuff. I would hope they’d have some sort of authentication to prevent this but so far I’ve not seen anything. I suppose you could mitigate this by having a public and private network - the SmartThings hub would have to be connected to the latter probably but then you’d only be able to use the Maker through SmartThings, the Wemo app probably wouldn’t work unless you connected to the ‘private’ wifi


I use the linear openers, they work great and I picked them.up on sale at lowes for like $30 a piece. Between zwave or zigbee it really comes down to which you have a netter mesh with. My house is all zwave so trying to put something zigbee in my garage wouldn’t work.

(Dan) #6

Thanks for the feedback.
How is the security with the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave?
I may go that route.

(Jason) #7

I use the MyQ Liftmasters, the Integration JD linked has been working Flawlessly(on the app side, not always on the ST side due to platform issues), The myQ has the added benefit of it’s own app that can send you a reminder if a door has been open for too long(you set the threshold) In this respect if ST is down, or fails I still get a notification that a door is open when it shouldn’t be. I live in the Upper Midwest, and this has saved me $$$$ from st not sending a notification in the winter(heated garage)!

(Chris) #8

I’d say it’s as secure as Z-wave (which like most things can probably be hacked somehow), the SmartThings security (supposedly banking level encryption on communications) and how difficult it’d be to guess your SmartThings login details, or how easy it’d be to get into your phone or other device with the ST app :slight_smile:

So fairly secure compared to other options IMO.

(Fred Schmitthammer) #9

Linear works AWESOME for me. Especially with the @RBoy smart app that adds great functionality. Check out the RBOY web site and you will see what his smart app adds.

(Ian Thomas) #10

I have two GoControl/Linears, which have performed perfectly evening during all the … ahum… recent issues. Using a presence sensor on my motorcycle, I have it open/close the garage door without me fumbling for a remote fob with my gloves on. Otherwise, I mostly use them to ensure doors are closed if left open for longer than 30 minutes, if no motion is detected.