Galaxy SmartTag not available in automations(Routines)

So with in the SmartThings app you can assign press and held on the GalaxyTag. This you can control pretty much anything you want.

However you can not make a routine with a GalaxyTag press or held as part of the If. I only found this as I was wanting to set a precondition to the press.

My example of this would be
If present sensor == true then
If GalaxyTag press then
Do xyz

However this is not possible. @nayelyz maybe you can shed some light on this.


The options available in the automation section depend on the device presentation. I don’t know if the configuration for the SmartTag was defined like that or it is an issue.

@SamsungZell, do you have more information on that matter?

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Hey there! @Jake_Mohl. Thanks for the tag @nayelyz :slight_smile:

Unfortunately at this time, the Galaxy tag is not able to be included in Routine Automations or Scenes. It is able to control devices, and activate Scenes (Not Routine Automations)

The configuration of the Smart Tag does not allow it to be used in Automation Routines, as it is a Bluetooth Connected Device, similar to how you are not able to use Directly Connected Devices in ‘if/then’ Routine Automations.

I hope this message finds you well!


That answers the question.

It must be doing something pretty similar given it says you can create a routine and it uses the routines editor to create it.

They do seem to be going to great lengths to make the SmartTag less useful than it could be.

I agree, it definitely decreases the usefulness of the device.

I had a brief refresher with a tag this afternoon.

The tag does have a presentation but it doesn’t include anything in the automations section and not a lot in the details view compared to what is there.

The tag.tagButton capability has a tagButton attribute which supports one to three button pushes plus held. I can’t immediately think if the triple press is used for anything. There are commands to enable or disable the four values of button push. If you add a routine for pushed or held you will then see tagButton attribute responding to presses in the API. However there is no evidence of activity in the history and Rules don’t seem to trigger on changes.

To make these useful. I have them triggering a virtual switch. Then I have a memebers location set to home as a precondition then if virtual switch is on do routine. The after x amount of time the switch will reset itself back to off.

Button press. Sets virtual switch to on with auto turn off after 30sec

Members location if at Home(precondition) then
if virtual switch equals on
Do things


This is a smart solution and brings a hell of different options to the tag. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much.