Smart tags + IFTTT

Can a smart tag be used with IFTTT? I know that the SmartThings app itself can connect with IFTTT, but I don’t know if the smart tags are included in that! Thanks!

Hey there! @A11, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

At this time when linking IFTT to Smart Things by authorizing access, It will list your ST Location and the number of devices currently available for onboarding to IFTT for creating If this, then that scenarios. I can confirm that both the Smart Tag or Smart tag + Models do not onboard as an option to be used as Presence Sensor. Additionally it is not able to be used in Automations or Scenes on the ST App.

I did want to mention that using the Pressed or Held option that you are able to utilize multiple options such as Running a Created Scene or Re-creating an automation using the “Then” actions by including each action to replicate exisiting Automations into a Pressed or Held options.

What are you attempting to achieve, that can’t be done with the Pressed or Held feature of the Smart Tags+ to activate a Scene or Recreate an existing Automations action?

I hope this message finds you well!


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