Galaxy Home Mini Firmware Update

I realize this is a niche/fringe issue.
I have three pre-release units. Two are on the latest us English firmware, ATA7. One is stuck on ASL1 and will not update. I have submitted a support ticket but also documenting here.

I just got two units, and Their firmware are ASK9.
Looks like ATA7 is latest firmware.
Smartthing hub doesn’t recognize galaxy home mini as audio notification device at ASK9.

You are in Korea?

No, I live in Guam. I got my galaxy home mini from U.S ebay. English version.

Mine are on ata7 except for one on asl1

ATA7 firmware works as audio notification device at webcore?

Webcore doesn’t recognize mine, so speak text is impossible.

I don’t use them with webcore. And they are speech synthesis devices NOT audio notification

Speaker Companion smartapp recognize Sonos one and Bose sound touch 10 and 20, but doesn’t recognize galaxy home mini.
How about yours?
Can you play notification custom message using speaker companion smartapp?

Mine works play and stop only.

By the way, Korean version works at webcore.

Only difference is firmware.

Thank you for answers.

No, I don’t use them with speaker companion. Use the built in automations to make an automation, you can select them this way

I found it works, thank you for advice.

Some update on smartthings smartapp, Now speaker companion app recognize galaxy home mini as audio notification device. and it works well.
Also webcore recognize as audio notification device, but galaxy home mini firmware isn’t compatible,yet.
No speak text option available yet.
Maybe mine is still ask9 that’s why.
Your device is ATA 7, so you can try at webcore.