G9 led bulbs that won't glow?

Does anyone happen to know of any g9 led bulbs that won’t glow when wires to a smart switch?

I finally got my smart switch wired in last night but unfortunately I’m getting the soft glow when the switch is off with the LEDs installed. I know it can be a trial and error type thing when using LEDs but does anyone happen to know of g9 bulbs that won’t glow with the smart switches. My chandelier needs 4 of them


Isn’t that more of an issue with the smart switch, not the bulb? What switch are you using? Does it have a neutral wire?

Mark, I am using a leviton dzmx1 from home depot switch. Yes there is a nuetral wire

Hmm, I know that can be a problem with dimmers that have no neutral and are intended for use with incandescent/halogen bulbs. How many watts is each bulb?

There are 4 4watt bulbs

You have a few options. You can try and have one incandescent bulb to shunt the voltage when off.
Buy higher wattage LEDs and hope they are not as super efficient as you old LED bulbs or look for Mosfet type dimmer instead of triac.

Thanks ray, so out of those options I’d say the higher wattage bulbs would be my best bet as keeping 2 incandescent would look off and defeat the purpose of LEDs and being effecient.

Would you recommend a certain wattage?

There’s not much selection out there for G9 type so you can try 6 watts with another brand. Maybe ask about the return policy as well since the bulbs are not cheap and just in case they don’t work.