G-homa power outlets?

Hi folks, had a wander about B&Q tonight and picked up a couple of wifi g-homa power outlets? They have their own stand alone app which is very similar to ST. Outlets are only £20 each, wishful thinking on my part that they can integrate to ST?

Unfortunately, there is no integration as yet. Note that the smartthings hub itself does not have Wi-Fi.

There are many inexpensive Wi-Fi pocket sockets now available, but most of them don’t integrate with anything else.

In order to be able to integrate with smartthings, a Wi-Fi device needs one of the following:

One) an open API for cloud to cloud integration

Two) an official LAN integration

Three) an IFTTT channel

You can write to the G – Homa support and ask if they have an open API. I didn’t see one mentioned on their website. Or IFTTT plans.

Meanwhile, you can suggest it in the forum “suggest a device” topic. That would be the first step to 2) above.