FS20Z-1 for Gas Fireplace? How to wire? I have fan switch nearby

(Jeremy Lynnes) #1

So I purchased a FS20Z-1 and for some reason I thought it wold be as simple as a light switch to install. Currently my fireplace has 2 switches. 1 is a simple on/off switch (2 wires) that control the fireplace (pilot always on) right next to that I have a ‘standard’ rocker switch for turning the blower on and off.

The wiring of the FS20Z-1 needs a regular switch - so my question is how to I wire this sucker to control my fireplace. Do I replace the blower switch with this, or do I bring the line/load/neutral/ground wires from the blower switch over to the other simple switch for the fireplace.


(Jeremy Lynnes) #2

Turned out to be much simpler than I thought it would be. I took a PC power cord and hacked off the end of it. After stripping it down I hooked it to the FS20Z-1 with the white/black/green to the neutral/line/ground. I then connected each wire of the existing fireplace switch to the blue load wires coming from the relay. Once I did that and paired it up with ST all was well.

The only thing I’d like to do now if someone can guide me is see if there is a way to keep using the existing wall switch.

(jason) #3

I was just looking at this device as a potential relay for a water shutoff valve. From the spec it doesn’t look like there is anyway to use both a hardwired switch and this unit together. It does seem to work with the WT00Z-1 remote switch though, if that will work in your case. Take a look at this post for more info: Evolve LTM-5 transmitter to LRM-AS association

(Chad Howsden) #4

Yes, you can use both. You have to connect the switches in parallel though. The only catch is which ever switch you turn it on with, it is the switch you have to turn it off with. It won’t behave like a three way switch.