From Home Assistant to SmartThings?

So I have the Smartthings integration configured in Home Assistant and that works fine, all my ST devices show up and work as expected in HA.
Can I somehow go the other way around? Get a few devices to show up from HA into SmartThings?

I need to get a gate switch from HA to show up in SmartThings so I can open it from my Galaxy watch (from the SmartThings app)

It would be great if Gogogate2 had ST support so it would just work but it doesn’t

Any idea if possible?

In the past, people have used either Ifttt or Alexa as a means of smartthings integration with the gogogate. Have you tried either of those?

It’s the same method as any Wi-Fi device not on the official compatibility list:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t listed in the SmartThings app?

So I have tried something via IFTTT and virtual buttons in ST so when the virtual button is on I use IFTTT to open gate and when off to close it.
This doesn’t work right when I am using Home Assistant to toggle the gates as the states get messed up in ST.
i.e. I turn on the virtual button in ST which opens the gate via IFTTT and then someone uses HA to close the gate. The virtual button is still on, I press it and it thinks it needs to close the gate but the gate is already closed.

If I could somehow use a toggle that didn’t care about the on/off state that might do it but no idea if that is possible.

When setting up these type of integrations, most people have four applets in IFTTT, two that trigger with SmartThings as The IF and two that trigger with the other device as the IF to change a virtual device which acts as the proxy on the smartthings side.

That normally keeps everything in sync.

Oh I get it, have IFTTT when gogogate2 is open then virtual switch is on and vice versa to keep the states synced.
However I just tried making my own applet with the above but I cannot have gogogate2 as a trigger only Smartthings can be a trigger :frowning:

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Do you have a tilt sensor or an open/close sensor on the garage door?

It has a magnetic sensor that detects if open/closed, part of the gogogate2 kit

No, I meant to separate sensor that your home assistant could detect. Or for that matter you could just put a smartthings sensor on it.

So your home assistant doesn’t know whether it’s open either if somebody used some other method?

No, HA knows the open/close state and thinking that, I should be able to use Home Assistant automation to set the state of the of the virtual button based on the state of the gate which should work in theory

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And it works pretty nicely, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

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