Cameras available over Wifi only

Hi, I am soon going to be hooking up my new home to a Smart Things network. I would like to use the cameras as a way to monitor my children sleeping, however, I only want this video stream to be available over Wifi. In other words, I will have certain cameras (exterior) that I want to be available over the internet, but a couple cameras that I want access to be limited to only someone connected to my network.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your help,

As long as you don’t forward the port for that camera. I don’t think you can access externally.

Depends how you define “externally” if you define it as outside of your LAN/WAN then yep. If you are meaning outside of your home… maybe not.

Heres what you want to do to keep your cameras as secure as possible:

  1. Change and remove the default admin username and password for the cameras.
  2. Do not use port 80. Use something else.
  3. Make sure your WAN has a strong 10+ character password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.
  4. Turn on and use MAC filtering on your router firewall.

This should keep you safe from all but the pros but then again I don’t think the pro hackers are coming to your house to see your baby cam lol.

Setup port forwarding for the external cameras and leave the ports closed for the internal cameras.

Having local only cameras is certainly possible as Ray and Tim said.

Just for clarity, though, at the present time SmartThings doesn’t have any official camera support, and the unofficial stuff all, I think, goes through the cloud.

They’ve been promising Foscam and Dropcam support eventually, but maybe not until Hub 2, no details yet.

So are there cameras you can set up for local only? Sure. Can you make ST access cameras via local only? Not now and maybe not ever.

ST uses cloud to cloud integration for a lot of stuff you might expect to be local, like integration with Harmony, TCP, WeMo, etc

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There is a local device type for most IP cams here:
(for foscam, belkin, etc… not for dropcam)

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