Forum text color and low contrast - can I change this somehow?

Forum text color and low contrast - can I change this somehow? I don’t see it in my Smarthings forum settings. I searched and I didn’t find any mentions.

All post text seems to be brown-gray. Why not black? Username text is light-gray. Post date text is light-gray. Some post text is very faint, maybe it’s an old post, or whatever.

Getting tired of the pastels and low contrast. It’s gonna give me eyestrain. Are the colors adjustable at my end somehow?

I’m viewing in Firefox and Chrome.

Also is there a way to killfile or subject/author filter?


I definitely agree that there should be an option for black text. I have always strained to read forum content, grey over white.

I too am finding that the recent design trend for reduced contrast is making life difficult.

Whilst I don’t currently have an issue with this forum, I find many elements of the SmartThings iPhone app overly difficult to read in low light and, at night, oftentimes impossible. It is not the size of the text which is the issue, but rather the lack of contrast due to the use of grey text on white backgrounds or similar.

Whilst I’ve generally benefited from very good eyesight during my life, we all inevitably suffer a decline in visual acuity with age. Others have the misfortune of impaired vision from an early age. Designers should bear these issues in mind as they work and perhaps consider broadening their feedback circle to include some individuals who can identify these problems sooner rather than later.

The determinant of a great interface design is not the one which looks prettiest in the mockups, it is the one which works best for the end user. A design which forces users to strain to read the information and/or give up in frustration requires review

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Hey seems like most web post and title text is black now. Unless my mind is playing tricks on me, did I only just notice this? (happens more as time goes on). It’s a huge improvement in readability and USABILITY. I just noticed - how long has this been - did I seriously not notice until now?

The other great thing is black text in the phone app log titles/device names.

Good job ST.

Between age, nearsightedness and a damaged retina, reading the forum is very difficult for me. What I see in this text box as I type is black and clear, but once this message posts, the color is washed out grey that I have to squint to see. Is there something I can do on my end to fix that? I don’t think it’s device-dependent as it appears the same across iOS and Windows,

I still see the same poor contrast. Aside from turning up brightness, I don’t have a good fix.

IMO really poor interface design choice by some artistic fool.