Ipad behavior & formatting

The forum functionality is great! But there are two things that are a bit problematic.

  1. The forum prevents zooming on the ipad. This is a disturbing trend for websites. It removes the ability to resize the size the text to a level comfortable for those of us with less than stellar vision. Why websites think they know best and turn off zooming is beyond me.

  2. To make matters worse the combination of font and font color provide less than ideal contrast. Combine this with the first point and reading on the ipad becomes an exercise in iStrain. Even on a desktop browser it’s hard to read but at least there it can easily be zoomed.


Thanks for the feedback! Maybe @ben can comment on the contrast. I’m not sure about the zoom functionality but I’m seeing that on my mobile devices as well, including when I select Desktop Mode from the menu. We use a forum solution from Discourse and I’m not sure how much control we have over things like the zoom issue.

Yeah… the grey text is quite fashionable these days. I have even seen designs using light gray over darker grey. )c:

As for zooming… not an issue on Android so perhaps trying a different browser (i.e. Chrome) might help on iOS.

I’m unable to zoom on a Nexus 5 using Chrome Beta.

There’s something in the html that sites are putting in to disable zoom though I haven’t seen one case where I can discern a reason for that desicion. Perhaps ST can talk to Discourse and tell them their design decisions are causing people physical pain.

I think it’s this:

I’ll look into it.

Here’s a rant I wrote about this back on February (long before my involvement in ST). It’s gone from a pet peeve to a major headache.


Yes, that’s the culprit!

Yeah, but that’s a phone. No issues here on Nexus 7, nor “should” there be on an iPad.

This is funny. I was just going to post how horrible the site is on an iPad…complete with pictures. So, might as well add to the thread here. The navigation is very bad, as in it disappears! Take a look at the second picture and how the nag at the top also is not at the top of the actual page!

Not to mention the fact that the content actually only takes up about 60% of the width.

Does Discourse have a mobile version of the site that I’m missing?

On iPhone 5 portrait mode, I don’t even see the top menu.i have to get into landscape mode to see the top navigation. Also, is it just me that I have to click twice to open a post most of the times? Can’t blame it on Internet speed as it is blazing fast.

I don’t know what SmartThings finds so compelling about this forum software (other than it’s pretty). I think it is lousy, especially on mobile devices.

Having run forums before (hosted them and ran them), I do like most of the way this forum software works. Some of the issues are design issues that ST decided to do, such as the way the header works. However, the lack of a mobile version SUCKS!!!

So does the search mechanism, which IMHO, is the most important function of technical forums such as this.

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Oh, I completely agree on search. It would be nice if there was an option to display the results in a new page. I think that would solve a lot of issues. We could then sort by date, etc, something you can’t do now.

I have a nexus 7 v2 . it fails to zoom as well.

Is anyone else having a problem seeing all their search results? Mine stop at the end of the page and do not scroll with the rest of the page. The only way I can see more is to zoom out. I’ve tried it on Chrome and IE.


…and hence why search really needs to have an option to open results on a new page. :smile:

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I have never been able to. Even on a 17 inches laptop… :slight_smile: