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Forum Login Screen on iOS 11.0.2 (iPhone 7) is Hosed

(John C) #1

It is extremely difficult to log in to this forum—title says it all. Cursor is outside text boxes, selection of either box is difficult.

Particularly bad holding phone in portrait orientation, somewhat better in landscape — but still bad…

(John) #2

Chrome works. Haven’t tried Safari.

(jkp) #3

They are OK for me on Safari or Chrme on both iPhone and iPad.

(John C) #4

Interesting :neutral_face:

Here’s what it looks like on Chrome (same on Safari). Notice the position of the vertical blue cursor…

(jkp) #5

try clearing your mobile browser cache. just a thought.

(John C) #6

Interesting you suggested that. I did clear the cache after the iOS update this morning, closed all open apps, and rebooted again.

Hmmm! Think I’ll play around with it some more :neutral_face: