Forum issue: Text selection/quoting broken when trying to select first few letters of a line

If you try and select text of a previous post in order to quote, as you reach close to the left margin, the selection will JUMP and select all text previously on the page. The break point is right about where the avatar photo is being displayed. Tested on Chrome and Edge, broken on both.

Selecting text from right to left…

As soon as you reach just about the avatar image point, text selection jumps and the “QUOTE” tag disappears.

You can work around it by selecting with mouse to the broken point, then SHIFT-Left Cursor to include the rest of the text.


The issue appears to be an overlapping div for the avatar. Its way too tall and its z-order is above the text.

When the browser select crosses that boundary, the selection process breaks.

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Not just me then. That’s a relief.


What tool is that to see dev tools? I’m sure I could Google for one, but I like the look of what you’ve screen shot.

Its the Hoverify browser extension. I use it all the time for layout work, color eyedropper and full page print screens. Works great!

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Thank you so much!