Adding punctuation on a line breaks the preview of the linked topic

This didn’t used to happen, but now it does, even if you use the “reply as a linked topic” option.

Basically, if there’s any punctuation on the line with the link, including parentheses or a colon, even if there’s a space between it and the link, then the link preview will not be displayed. Just the link itself. This even happens if you are creating a “reply as a link to topic” and the punctuation is formatted by the discourse software itself. For example:

That worked fine. But now add a period at the end of the line

[OBSOLETE] FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic, Groovy Code) .

And no more preview, even though there is a space between the link and the period.

I thought this was a feature! I use this all of the time when I don’t want the preview to show.


It may be a useful feature to have, but it’s clearly a bug because the “reply as a linked topic” no longer quotes the original post, and it definitely should.

Maybe it’s a new feature, but if so, the linked topic format created by discourse needs to be changed to put the punctuation on a new line so the preview shows. :sunglasses:

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