Fortrezz watermeter?

hi trying to get a device handler for a fortreeze water meter for the new smartthings app. any help would be great!!

What model number are you referring to?

Fortrezz makes the following:

Flow Meter FMI

Flood Sensor FTS05

Flood Sensor FTS05P

Water and Freeze Alarm Sensor WWA-01

Water and Freeze Alarm Sensor WWA-02

Wireless Water Valve WV-01

Hi and thank you for the response, My name is Mark. I have two of the Flow meter FMI units. They worked great until Smartthings new app went into operation and now i only get readings for temp and battery level. Any help would be great.

@johnconstantelo was working on an update for that DTH. See the following thread for discussion:

FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

Is the thread to click on " Fortrezz Water Flow Meter" in blue?? It takes me to the 2016 post from @johnconstantelo when it worked on the old Smartthings app. Dont know if im missing somthing. Mark

Yes. Scroll down towards the end of that thread and you will see the discussion about updating it for the current V3 app. The most recent post in that thread is from a few weeks ago, so there has been ongoing activity. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, sorry i do see that now. You have been a big help thank you! This is a real nice platform for these device configuration problems. So at this point i will check back to see if a new DTH has been created.

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You can just add a post a question to that thread and the author will be automatically notified and other people who have been using the code will also see it and may be able to help. :sunglasses:

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Hi @lucy, as JD mentions, go ahead and post your questions in that thread. In summary, my latest DTH works with the new ST app and the old FortrezZ SmartApps. It shows values in watts (the old gpm) and kWh (total gallons used) since it’s based off of ST’s energy meter device handler. Since charting is done a whole lot differently in the new app, my DTH does not do charts like the old ST app, and it does not send the data to FortrezZ either.

It’s a very basic handler until I can get around to customizing it to show gpm vs watts and a few more things. It’s unlikely that FortrezZ will update their DTH’s for their devices since I’ve asked numerous times and have never received a reply from them, except from the original developer who does not do work for them anymore.


I’m guessing they won’t play nicely with SmartThings again since they are now owned by a competitor (EZLO). Glad to see you’ve created a DTH for this.

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There’s hope though. They can’t ignore the ST platform for too long, and if they can pull it off with Hubitat, there could be opportunities to port things to ST one day. They also own Centralite, but I haven’t seen too much progress their either.

I would have to respectfully disagree.

SmartThings hub owners are a very small percentage Of total worldwide Zwave users (remember that the Z wave alliance says about 2/3 of zwave devices in the US are professionally installed, not DIY), and the whole point of zwave from the very beginning was a promise to manufacturers that as long as they met the Z wave standard, their Devices would work with any certified Z wave hub and they would reduce their support costs significantly. They are not supposed to have to create special DTHs for different platforms.

Smartthings is the odd man out in this regard, and it’s annoying to both customers and device manufacturers. :rage: Just as one example, Aeotec’s own wallmote can support 16 different scenes with most hubs, but only 8 with smartthings, Even with a manufacturer supplied DTH.

Fibaro, Homeseer, and fortrezz have now all said that they design their devices to the Z wave specification, and if a platform requires something unique beyond that, someone else will have to create it.

Personally, as an engineer, I think that’s a perfectly reasonable position if it’s supported by the business model, and in this case it is.

We have not yet been told how the new platform is going to support hub connected devices, or if it will even be possible to use custom DTHs for zwave devices in 2022. It’s hard to see how it would be justified for any zwave manufacturer to invest in supporting the idiosyncrasies of smartthings platform at this point in time. The situation is the exact opposite of what the certification board has always promised.

So my own personal expectation would be that we will see fewer and fewer Z wave manufacturers Providing custom DTH’s and more and more to say “this is a Z wave certified device. If your hub requires something other than the specification, you will need to talk to them.“

And my own personal pie in the sky hope, with no evidence whatsoever, is that under the Aeotec partnership smartthings will finally provide a way in the native UI to set zwave associations and handle zwave central scenes. And if it can also handle multi endpoint devices, I think there will probably be no need for custom zwave DTHs any more other than personal aesthetics, and those may just have to be abandoned for better functionality and better stability. And if we get to that point, I suspect that all these problematic devices, including fortrezz, Fibaro, and Homeseer, will just work. Because they are all certified Z wave devices. The issue is the smartthings architecture, not the end device.

We will see.


HI johnconstantelo , I would love to get the DTH you created for the flow meters… I have two flow meters i use for solar fluid displacement control in my hydronic heating system. Currently i am able to control with out the use of the flow meters but it takes extra steps to regulate. I looked for other flow meters and even different flow meter interfaces to use same meters. I can adapt anything you created… I dont care if it is in psi, mpg, Can you direct me to the DTH i would very much appreciate that. Mark

Hi @lucy you’ll find the github link in that discussion JD provided a link to. It’s in post 396 (also linked in my post here).

I am in process of updating it this week to show proper units, but aside from that, it’s working perfectly fine with the new app.

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FYI, almost done:



When this is ready I’ll create a new discussion. I still have a few things to clean up.

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hi johnconstantelo, thank you for you time in creating the DTH for the flow meter… i was able to copy and install to smarthings. the problem im having is all parameters are indicating zero. and on the ST app it at the bottom of meter icon it shows “checking” it did change to flow and all other readings like the pic you sent out. any help would be great. mark

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hi johnconstantelo, Thanks for your time and effort on the DTH for the flow meter. I really appreciate it, the two flow meters i have play a key role in my solar hydronic heating system in the winter and a energy dump in the summer as i have to expend the heat generated. The DHT works perfect!! I cant thank you enough!! It is so nice to have a active community site with so many intelligent people giving the personal time to create solutions to these problems. Thanks again, my solar system is happy!!! mark

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Glad to have been able to help you out @lucy!

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