For Sale: Aeotec V3 Hub + 2 SmartThings Cams + Bonus Cam. $80

I have the following for sale:

1x Aeotec V3 Hub. New and sealed in the box.
2x SmartThings Cams. Used and in good condition and were working when I removed them from my system.
1x SmarTThing Cam Bonus Item. I cut the cord on it and painted it. It works but consider it as a bonus item for parts.

Buyer pays shipping. You calculate the shipping cost: My location is Bend, OR 97702, box is 3lbs 5oz and measures 12’’ x 9’’ x 5’’.

Price: $100 or best offer + shipping costs. I accept PayPal.

And here are pictures:

Hi, I am willing to take it, I am in California. How do we do it ?

I’ll send you a direct message.

Is this sale close now?

Not yet. @DjAnu has neither replied nor submitted payment.

The hub and cams are still available. Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing.

Items are still available and the price lowered to $80.