Foobot integration is having issues with temperature and Humidity readings

I have been using the Foobot integration, latest development by @MichaelS, for the past year with no issues. However, as of 5 days ago, the readings for humidity and temperature have been completely wrong (see attached screen shot).

The humidity and temperature readings display temp: 642 Fahrenheit and Hum: 1190% (or some ridiculous number similar to these). I have not made any updates to the source code or make any update from GitHub in the last week. I have no idea what would cause the readings to suddenly go crazy. I checked the foobot app, the readings are normal and accurate. I also checked another third party app I have the foobot connected to, and there is no issue with that either.

I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.

I am seeing this too. It appears Foobot changed their api output (feels like a decmial point is off). Give me a week or two and see what I come up with.

Edit:. Actually the DTH is working. It is the Foobot itself

Unless my house is on fire and wet

That’s interesting. I wonder why my Foobot is showing correctly in the Foobot app. Are you on iPhone or Android? I am on iPhone.

Android…I think FooBot is on the hook to fix this as they apparently changed the data format. Or at least explain it…did you open a ticket with FooBot? If it is just a decimal point issue I can fix it if they say that is the new data standard.

That makes sense. I’ll open a ticket with Foobot and keep you posted on their response. Thanks.

No problem…digging into this further I have found that they transposed some items in the API…I am finding a coorolation, but it appears CO2 is being read as humidity. That means they DID change their API output. However, this is easy to fix…I would still open a ticket, but they may have updated their API docs online so I will look and make a correction to the DTH if I get a chance in the next day or two after investigation.

I actually found that the mapping was off from the new API…just updated the code…give it a try:

Also found that the FooBot app originally pulls the numbers wrong but if you let it refresh (2-3 seconds) it DOES go to the correct values. Sounds like they do an internal check in the app for a couple different standards out there :slight_smile:

I opened a ticket and corresponded with the US lead over the last hour. They are aware of the issue with the Android app and should be releasing an update for android soon. As for the issue with the api data set, this is new to them and they will discuss the issue with the engineers tomorrow and hopefully get back to me soon with a solution or at least some answers. I’ll keep you posted either way.

If it helps at all, they simply changed the order in which the API outputs the data. Fortunately, they tag their data so it is easy to align. My app pulls it by location (i.e. 1, 2, 3) so when the order changes the data changes in where it is displayed. I MAY change that in the future if they continue to play with it.

All fixed for now, however.

I did the update from github, but after refreshing the data on the app, the data set isn’t updating and the only thing listed under “list event” is “gpis Tate is good”.

I would revert back…if it still shows everything (Albeit wrong) then it may indicate they do have a random issue where the output is different for everyone (Can you send a screenshot before you revert back, however?)

Here is the old code:

Ok I’ll revert back. I think maybe the update didn’t work for me sense the data doesn’t seem to update at all sense then.

I actually meant to show the screenshot after you updated the DTH…I would also like to see your live logging (PM that since it has sensitive data)

I figured out the issue. The github update had your api key embedded in it. I simply replaced it with my api key and now everything is working correctly. Thank you very much for fixing this problem.

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Great…I forgot about that myself…I probably need to remove my API from the code :slight_smile:

It is updated for other users.

Awesome. I really appreciate the help as our baby room’s eco system is completely reliant on the reading from Foobot and smartthings integration. Thank you

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@MichaelS sorry to bother you again, but it looks like FooBot updated their data streams again, as I am getting crazy readings again for humidity and temperature. Any thoughts on the matter?

Mine too. Did you revert the code back to the original?

Yep, that did it! Hopefully, foobot will stop changing their data sets every couple weeks. Thanks!