Flattening the Interface

While I congratulate the SmartThings team on an attractive interface, I would point out that the navigation involves too many steps. Having to back up to Home to then be able to tap Things, or worse, having to backup twice from Hello Home to be able to tap Apps seems cumbersome.

I would like to see a simpler, tabbed interface with direct navigation to «Dashboard | Hello Home | Apps | Things», with the Hamburger top left to access the remaining settings… on all screens.

I think the very nature of SmartThings would be to provide quick and easy access to the info it aggregates, and the control it provides. The way it is now is somewhat confusing, and requires too much back and forth.

I agree and this is a great idea. I feel a bit like I’m navigating an Apple TV when I’m 4 menus deep in Netflix and want to go somewhere else. On the aTV, you can press and hold the menu button to go to the home. Having shortcuts in the hamburger would work well!

I just wish they would not use the same term for different things - like Modes under home and Modes under Hello. They are different, but called the same thing. Very confusing and I think they can easily correct it.

Regarding V 1.6… Nicely done guys!