Flashing LED recessed

LED recessed light started to flicker

I’ve got led recessed lights in my kitchen attached to a z wave GE smart dimmer. They have been fine for about 2 years but the other day, just one started flickering when at 100%. Then two days later another one started doing the same thing.

Is this a connection issue at the light’s box in the ceiling? Could it be the neutral wire?

I know there are a ton of problems with dimmers and led but it’s just one light, it has been fine for 2 years and it’s when it hits 100%.

(I have another unit in a different part of the house that will not completely turn off- and when it’s on it has a very fast strobe effect. Also with a z wave dimmer but also tried a switch too… didn’t work).

I’m mainly concerned about the kitchen light. Any thoughts?

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When the light was fine for a year or more and then starts to flicker, the problem is almost always one of three things:

One) the bulb itself is loose or going bad

Two) there’s a loose wire somewhere

Three) the power source/transformer is starting to burn out

You can check the first two yourself with pretty simple troubleshooting. (Of course always turn off the current before starting any of this.)

So before anything, give the LED bulb a little twist, making sure it’s not simply a loose bulb giving you all this trouble.
And while you’re at it, wipe the inside of the bulb’s socket and any LED fixtures, removing dust and ensuring a better contact.
Now, swap out the LED bulb with any other bulb, and if the new one works well, you know the fault was in the bulb.
If the bulb was fine, then check your electrical panel for loose wiring. If you’re comfortable with electrical work, then give the screws in the panel a nice twist. The screw should be snugly fit but do not over-tighten.

Similarly, you can check the switch to make sure the connections are tight there.

If none of that fixes it, it’s time to start looking at the power components, but that may be something that you want to bring in an electrician to do.