First Alert Zwave smoke/CO Detector white logo - no writing

I’m starting to see pictures of people on ebay selling First Alert smoke/CO Detectors with a white logo on the white background of the detector - no writing logo symbols. by any chance are these fakes? @JDRoberts

Maybe not fakes - they look a lot like the ones I see in our local Home Depot - I’d be more worried about their age. Those boxes look pretty beat up. I personally have a 5-6 year old First Alert ZCombo new in box somewhere around here and it doesn’t look near as bad as those. The detection media in a smoke detector is only good for 10-12 years from date of MANUFACTURE, not date of install. So… I’d be interested in how old they are. If I can’t see a date of manufacture with MORE than 5 years on it - I’m not buying it. YMMV


from ebay and you never know if they were lifted. i have several fa detectors that are pushing 6ish years old now and at 7 years it says that it will beep once a minute to let you kow it is at the end of life (eol) cycle. have about 25 and of those about 11 share a hub with leak detectors. the rest are on 2 ring alarm systems.

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No way to know for sure if they’re not being sold by an authorized retailer.

First alert has sometimes released devices with an all white logo for sale by big box stores, particularly Walmart and Costco, but those usually come in a multi pack.

I agree with @nathancu that the expiration date is critical in this device class.

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