First Alert ZCOMBO, local processing?

This is probably somewhere in this forum, but I haven’t been able to find out if the First Alert ZCOMBO works with local processing.
I see that “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm” is a confirmed working local processing device handler, so I guess really my question is if the First Alert ZCOMBO is fully functional with that device handler? And by fully functional I would consider it bare minimum needing to detect smoke and CO and alert my phone, preferably trigger other ZCOMBOs in the house as well.
Anybody with experience who can confirm this?

The Z-Combo is unable to communicate directly with other Z-Combo’s in the house. First Alert makes a non-Z-Wave model that can intercommunicate, but it is not Z-Wave, nor SmartThings compatible. Someday perhaps they’ll reconcile this.

The Z-Combo is, essentially, a “read-only” Device. It will tell SmartThings about Low Battery, Test, Smoke, CO … but you cannot send it a command to activate or deactivate its siren.

As for whether or not it is fully supported a local Hub V2 executing device… I don’t know. I hope so. There are a lot of posts on how to check this.

That’s fairly terrible…

I assume you’re referring to how you can check it once you actually have one, right? I haven’t seen a way to check it before buying.

Respectfully invoking the name of @JDRoberts here, as he tends to know “off the top of his head” the best reference for anything … including if there is an official or unofficial list of all the “Local Device Types”.

That’s what you get for a relatively bargain price. I think it is reasonable.

It may seem “easy” from a technical perspective for First Alert to have built-in interconnectivity and even a “Z-Wave Siren” into this model, but there are plenty of possible reasons they did not or could not. Smoke & CO detectors have to meet pretty strict standards.

To me, they are a regular, reliable Smoke/CO detector, from a trusted brand, with “read-only one way reporting to SmartThings” just a bonus feature.

There’s no official list of what device type handlers will run locally.

There is an unofficial list kept by community members in the FAQ section of this forum:

But that won’t tell you which devices can actually use those device type handlers. For that you just have to poke around the forum and see if it’s been mentioned.

Or of course in the case of an officially supported device you could ask support to check for you.

As for what this particular device will do, it will of course act just like a nonnetworked detector as far as setting off its own siren if smoke or CO Are detected.

As @tgauchat mentioned, it does not communicate with the other zcombo devices.

If your Internet is working at the time of the alert and the SmartThings cloud is operational then you can receive a notification on your phone. But SmartThings requires the Cloud to send its messages, so that part never runs locally.

I believe you could also have the receipt of the alert cause SmartThings to set off a different siren or turn on lights or something like that. Again, provided everything was working as far as SmartThings goes.


Yeah, I guess. I just would have thought with them being advertised on the the Smartthings site as something that “works with Smartthings” that communication would be 2 ways, at least for something as basic as being able to silence a false alarm.
@JDRoberts Good point, I wasn’t even thinking about that. Obviously sending an alert to my phone couldn’t be locally processed.


Making assumptions is … unwise. :wink:.

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That’s why I came here :slight_smile:


Yes it is. I test both smoke and CO. The DH will show you in the app which is triggered. It’s also processing locally. I have several, and here’s a portion of my local device list with one of my ZCOMBO’s shown being local:

As I mentioned above, it detects the two, and alerts your phone through either SHM or other notification SmartApps. It will NOT trigger other ZCOMBO’s. For my use case it triggers a few other sirens in the house instead.


Curious as to what other sirens you are using in the house?


Hi @Jkimrey,

I’m still using a couple Utilitech sirens, and a new Dome Siren. The Dome is really nice, and I plan on replacing the Utilitech ones with those. The Dome has 10 different tones you can use for all sorts of things. Besides using it as a siren I’m also using it as a door chime (only opening doors/windows, and my mailbox).