Fire TV Disable on schedule

Not sure if there is a smartthings way to do this, but would also take apps or router suggestions. Kids are home during the summer, any ideas on how to disable during the day, or allowing it to be enabled after bedtime for the wife and I?

Looking for a better solution than hiding the remote, parental locking all apps, etc.

Are you looking to completely disable the TV itself or just the Fire Aspects.
If your Fire TV isn’t built into the set itself (either a Fire TV stick or cube), you could set up a smart outlet that will simply kill power to the Fire device on schedule and restore it when you’re there.
Unfortunately, kids can be smart and might discover the smart outlet and bypass it.
If you’ve got the cube, there are some parental controls built in. Look for Free-Time in the Fire TV menu.

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Tagging @bamarayne .:wink: he’s got about a half dozen kids and a highly automated house, so he may have some ideas.

Well, there are certainly many ways to do this…
How old are your kids? Can they reach the outlet the tv is plugged into?

First, I would get a smart outlet, either hardwired or a plug in module.
Then I would create a piston in WebCore. It would basically be this…

If TV outlet turns on & Dad is not home, turn off TV outlet and send message to Dad.

If you can lock the outlet so the kids can’t get to it you’re golden. If not, well…

You can get a lock box to put over an outlet for under $20, maybe even less. You just need to get one big enough to hold the plug-in as well.

These are most commonly used for one of two purposes: to lock outdoor outlets, or to lock thermostats. But they’re pretty easy to find.

Home Depot should have several, or you can go on Amazon. Here are just a couple of examples.

The following would be a bad idea, because it’s a metal box and it will be hard to get signal from the smart device out of the box. But something in this shape made in clear plastic would probably work well.

Also try to avoid blue plastic, for whatever reason it often seems to be harder to get signal out of than clear or beige or even smoke colored. .

If you get a Dual gang lockbox ( search term: “lockable outlet cover“), there should be plenty of room for the smart device:

Which ever locking cover you choose needs to be combined with a smart control device like a plug-in pocket socket so that you can put it on a schedule or turn it on and off as desired.

There are some pretty small pocket sockets now, so you should be able to find something that will fit.

I spent an hour looking for an app (circle) & router ports to block, nada. I’m worried power over usb may have to disabled on the tv, but may be able to do that in settings.

Fire TV stick, and the Gremlins will likely figure out to unplug the device from the smart plug and into another outlet. Trying to disable conflict between kids and babysitter… Extra micro usb cord, and plug into another outlet a potential Gap, but yeesh.

Smart plug with the lock over the smart outlet can be a very possible solution! Thanks for the suggestions, all!

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You could just take the power cord with you… or the firestick… if they can’t find it, they can’t use it.

I hadn’t thought about locking it in. That’s a great idea and will stop casual youthful “gaming the system.”
Really obnoxious kids might learn how to pick locks, etc. but if they’re that insistent on circumnavigating your parental control, you have other issues to deal with.


I accomplished this via router parental controls/time scheduling. Fire TV doesn’t do anything without internet.


This is probably the best method. Set the Fire TV to a fixed IP, most new routers will step you through that and then just schedule that IP usage. They will need to be pretty ingenious to bypass that.


Thanks… I have a mesh router and it should be able to do this. My kids also wouldnt fight the plug solution, for now. :slight_smile:

This also came up when a Neighbor and I were chatting about how to do this, not sure if it would be easy for me to show him router config on his isp provided device. I was hoping to avoid being tech support for the block. Amazing how some things we think are easy, while some things for others, not so much. He is thinking of getting some smart home tech, so it will need to pick up a little with that. A few solutions provided here may be a good selling point…


Yes, this is one aspect of how different people’s brains are “wired” differently. I’ve always been very good with tech. Some other folks even seem cognitively negatively disposed. It’s not a matter of intelligence, more a matter of ability to think in a certain way.
Whatever the case, it is hard not to end up being tech support for the family or neighbors or church, etc. :slight_smile:
I feel for you. My daughter was rather tech-savvy and, for a few years, I had to enforce bed time by shutting down her access to the Internet. Fortunately, she never did figure out the router login. The good news is that she eventually got mature enough to self-limit.