Find my Iphone (Button/Switch) Idea / Integrate with SmartTiles

Hi Community!:

Recently I have been playing with a Node Module that works great on sending the LOCATE notification to an IPhone (or apple device like Ipad):

Module: find-my-iphone
Author: matt-kruse
(I found it on Github)

I have tested the module using Cloud 9 (c9 io), installing it there and running the module and it works perfect.

and here is where the idea came, I have 1 tablet in my home with SmartTiles to control some SmartThings devices and routines, and recently my wife was looking for her iphone and I was thinking that it would be cool to have a button to call this module (One for each device) and it will send the LOCATION message. (I know that in Andorid this can be achieved with IFTTT, but not in iphone)

I dont know how I can create this, and maybe in the comunity there is someone who likes the idea and can tell me if this can be achieved involving maybe Groovy with a Node Module, or creating a webapp that can be called from a webpage and add the URL to smartTiles or maybe even have a SmartApp connected to this and just adding the User Device name and password…

The most basic call from the module is the following:

var find = require(‘find-my-iphone’);
// Alert a specific device
find(‘icloud acocunt’, ‘password’, ‘DeviceName’);

and the result is this:

Now imagine achieving this from a button inside the SmartThingsApp or from a Tile in the SmartTiles smartapp :slight_smile:


SmartTiles has to focus priorities on the official supported & documented “Device Type Capabilities” for both technical reasons and motivational ones.

SmartThings Customers are much less likely to use devices that are non-published for automatic installation or available in the supported “Marketplace” (everything else is unsupported). Ad hoc features like phone locating are far from being published as Capabilities.

Chicken vs Egg? Perhaps…

I just encourage folks who have great ideas like this to continue to share them, and developers (including myself) may take up the task of getting this into an approved Device Type Handler and/or Marketplace SmartApp. It’s a necessary step.

@pabloatf Have you gotten any further with this?

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Dosent’ smart tiles come as an App for Iphone?

And Is anybody come up with anything like this? I want to get a map location for one of our phones via the smartthings presence maybe . But no idea how to get forward doing this

You are responding to a post which is three years old. A lot has changed in that time. In addition, sadly the person that you were replying to @tgauchat , passed away at the end of 2019.

ActionTiles (the replacement for SmartTiles) itself is browser-based so it will work on most smart phones, including an iPhone. If you have any further questions about that product, you should ask in their forum.

As far as your question, I’m not sure what possible, but I suggest you start a new thread for your own project in the following section of the forum and then people can help you there with current information. :sunglasses: