A Tile for Phone Presence in SmartThings App

In the SmartThings app. is there a way to add a tile for my phone’s presence? In the old old old app there used to be a tile. but in the new app it doesn’t.
Sometimes when i leave, the system doesn’t “arm” because it thinks that my phone is still home. I just want to verify this.

Any suggestions?

Probably the easiest solution is to create a virtual presence sensor using the Edge driver [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users if you have a ST hub or via the ST Advanced Web App if you don’t. You can then create Routines to change the presence state based on your location tracking mechanism. That device’s card can be added to your Favorites page for easy reference.


Their are workarounds as has been posted but it does seem odd IMO that the ST app doesn’t provide one directly.

This worked. Created a virtual device. Thanks!