Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor

@Fuzzyligic Ok I’ve had a couple more coffees and I’m thinking a bit more clearly now :wink: And I enjoyed working on that yesterday.

@Tyler thanks for the update…I’ll go with it and see how it works. cheers

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OK that was short…:confused:

Could’nt create the new device handler in the IDE Smartthings version

strange one that, i thought Capability ‘Tamper Alert’ was an officially supported capability at least according to this and this. @Jim, @jody.albritton are these not live in the current firmware yet? it seems to suggest so here, or is ths some regression of added code in the latest update?

if not @Silverpawn you will have to keep our hacked together one a bit longer…

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And before anyone asks…I’m on FW 14.32 released this week

I’m thinking you might be right :laughing:

me neither not working for me

No but Fuzzyligics device type works ok at the moment until the official one is released


Could you fix the code so we can create ide please without the error we are getting

So can everyone who cannot create a device handler with the official ST code confirm they are in the UK? thinking this is a UK only issue. will raise a ticket as it looks like the UK is missing all the recently added capabilities :frowning:

Confirmed - don’t really understand why the UK is not in step :confused: Currently running your code for the device handler at the moment though, and your efforts are very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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As you know already I’m in the UK, but we know there already there are some significant differences in the UK set-up with different device availability and no Github integration. However I didn’t expect that capabilities to be different, it would be nice to know what the current differences are so when we hit a roadblock we can work out whether we have a bug or it is by design.

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Confirmed. Thanks guys


Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong thread - I’ve found a few different topics for this sensor but most seem to be for particular device types so this felt more generic.

I’ve just picked up one of these sensors from eBay, for £35. It’s used but was sold as working.
I popped the battery in, triple-tapped the button and ST picked it up right away as a Fibaro Motion Sensor. However, it said there was constant motion, and had a load of tiles just showing “–”.

I looked around the community site and installed a few other device types - one just called Fibaro Motion Sensor, one called Fibaro Motion Sensor 3.2 and one that had someone’s name in the title (sorry, can’t recall which - and I’ve uninstalled it since). All of them seem to have different levels of functionality. The best one was the “Fibaro Motion Sensor” which seemed to report everything, but Lux reporting was massively unreliable - sometimes reported three times in half an hour, but then stuck at 730lux all the way from 3pm (quite bright sunshine) to 7pm (pitch black). It’s in a room that is only lit via a window so I expected it to gradually drop as the evening went on. Now using the 3.2 device type it’s back to constant vibration and motion, but still 730lux.

Is this expected for the luminance sensing? I really only bought this to provide a better mechanism for knowing when to turn lights on and off - sunset/sunrise is a bit hit and miss, even with offsets, because on a cloudy day I want my lights to stay on longer than a sunny one.

Can anyone recommend which device type to use?

Hi @pillock,

So far as I can tell at the moment, there are two two models of this device out in the wild at the moment, the more recent v3.2 which has had its internals replaced and no longer plays nicely with the stock SmartThigns code, and the slightly older v2.8 (i think?) which should work properly with the stock handler.

The other thing to be aware of, is that this device is configurable itself - that is, it has its own settings which can be configured directly on the device.

If you have one of the original V2.8 devices, there are a few ways you can set these options - either directly on the device usign the set button (i think you press and hold for 3 seconds, then click your merry way through a menu of flashes… i don’t know what they are i’m afraid, you’ll have to google for a manual) - or via the original SmartThings device handler.

The ST device handler SHOULD have configuration options when you select Edit Device - these include thigns like how frequently changes in light conditions should be reported, what indicator lights should blink and under what conditiones etc… Once you’ve set your options and saved, from the device page you can click the “configure” tile - this will send a command string with your settings down to the sensor - or it should… You may find that you need to press the set button once on the sensor first to “Wake it up” before you tap the “configure” tile.

Incidentally, as yours is second hand, you might like to perform a factory reset on it to get back to the defaults… there’s a handy video here

Finally, your mileage here may vary - i don’t have a v2.8 to play with so this is mostly what i know through research getting my 3.2 to work! I’m using @Fuzzyligic 's custom v3.2 code to make my motion sensor play nicely whilst ST sort themselves out, bring the UK platform up to feature parity with the USA, and let us use their new device handler :frowning:

have fun! play nicely:)

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Hey @Fuzzyligic - Did you get around to raising a ticket for this one? Do you suppose it would be helpful if a few more of us did likewise? Might make them move a little quicker if they’re aware more people are keen to have these supposedly available features actually available on the platform!

@Bronislaw i did raise a ticket, but i have not even received a reply yet, only an automated one. so please yes raise a ticket.

@pillock as for the sensor showing motion constantly, i had this with one of mine recently, it just developed the issue and i confirmed the config hadn’t changed, i replaced with another i had spare to check to see if was heat from radiators or something triggering, i tried to re-purpose it but in the end i got in touch with Fibaro and as soon as i stated the symptoms they just gave me an RMA form to return under warranty

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Thanks @Bronislaw, that’s helpful - I didn’t realise there were two versions, I thought the code was v3.2 not the hardware! Hmmmm. I think a factory reset is the first step and then try to configure - I’d seen the configure tile but it was non-operational so thanks for the heads-up pressing the button first.

I really want to get it working quite quickly, as there’s two more on ebay for £35 but no point buying if they’re going to cause hassle. And perhaps mentioning this low price on a public forum was a daft move :wink:

@pillock not that low a price, they were reduced on amazon to 34.99 new just last week, i always buy 2 or 3 when on sale, they have been on sale down to that price probably 5 - 6 times in 4 months or so.

Hmmmm. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bargain then, most of them on eBay are £45+. It doesn’t help that it didn’t come with a manual and it keeps doing weird flashes so I think the first stop is a manual download! Good to know Fibaro have decent customer services though.

Is there any way to tell if it’s a v2.8 or a v3.2 I have?

@pillock i think it says on the label but not 100% sure, but look for the zwave fingerprint of the device once joined with smarththings, if its the new one it will be

“0x0701”, inClusters: “0x5E,0x20,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x59,0x85,0x73,0x84,0x80,0x71,0x56,0x70,0x31,0x8E,0x22,0x30,0x9C,0x98,0x7A”

if its the old one it will be

“0x2001”, inClusters: “0x30,0x84,0x85,0x80,0x8F,0x56,0x72,0x86,0x70,0x8E,0x31,0x9C,0xEF,0x30,0x31,0x9C”

and actually they are on sale again on amazon now for £36.82

Right, so it’s an older model.

I think I’ll be contacting their returns dept soon, as it’s still misbehaving:

Excluded from Z-Wave network and readded.
Configured by ST and loaded the device type, which seems to have automatically added it as a newer device than the one it originally found. When I first added it, it said it was adding a Motion Sensor. Now it said “Adding Illuminance Sensor, Mo…” (the rest was chopped off but it seems to have found a multi purpose sensor this time)
It then detected motion OK, and Lux and Vibration fell into line.
Five minutes later, Motion and Vibration are stuck on - it’s currently stuck in a drawer with a load of tea towels so I know nothing’s moving!

Edit - it seems to be calming down and catching up so I’ll leave it overnight alongside my regular, working, original ST motion detector and see if the logs for each match. The temperature is massively optimistic right now too, I’ve tried adjusting the offset but it still says 24 degrees where my house is 16.