'Fibaro Z-Wave FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor' Full Support Handler

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Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t know any lawyers like that and I’m not the litigious type either. I let my money speak for me.

Already own a hubitat, this will just accelerate my migration.

buuuuut of course hubitat does not support the FGKs, probably due to zwave incompatibility ;). I tried the other night, they pair ok but don’t even report open/close correctly, much less Temp. Kept getting “BasicSet” responses.

FYI… 30.5 appears to have fixed my FGKs.

Still testing

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Mine now working.

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Beta push, I’m back!

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Hi everyone,

I am running into the same issue that appears to be driven by the recent Firmware push (30.3). Can others confirm that the beta FW (30.5) corrected the temp reporting issues? If so, can someone point me in the direction of getting my hands on this FW version?

Thanks in advance!

The fix has gone into production and should be pushed out to all customers over the next few days based on the following announcement:

I can confirm that the fibaro-z-wave-fgk-101 temperature reading is working again with firmware 0.30.5!

My version of the fgk-101 is: zw:S type:2001 mfr:010F prod:0700 model:1000 ver:2.05 zwv:3.67

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Thanks for the updates! This community is simply fantastic!


The production version of FW 30.5 pushed to by V2 hub today. Sensor is back online and fully functional. No reset required.

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I did have 3 of min stop reporting yesterday, I had to remove and reinstall the batteries. I was pushed the beta and things started working then stopped, I’m assuming when the general push happened. Maybe this blipped my hub even though I was up-to-date?

Noting my device is reporting temps that are off by several degrees when checked against other temp sensors. Not seeing how to adjust the temp in JJs handler. Anyone know how I can adjust the offset to compensate or maybe even calibrate the device? I how the DS temp probe and its working as it should. Thanks.

Hi Brad, a few questions :

  • is your FGK-10x ZW5 or pre-ZW5 ?
  • what version of my Handler do you use ?
  • are the temperature reports arriving as soon as a temperature difference >= ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) is detected (since last report to Hub), or are all/most temperature reports arriving periodically (multiples of 1 hour) ?
  • what Hub (v1, v2 or v3) do you have and what version do you run ?

If your FGK-10x is ZW5, then you may be victim of some bug I detected when porting my original pre-ZW5 Handler to ZW5; unfortunately, I was unable to correct this bug, likely within the ZW5 FGK-10x itself.
See my comments line 79 in the ZW5 version of the Handler : JJ’s Fibaro FGK-10x ZW5 Handler v0.9.7.4 .

The DS18B20 datasheet clearly states it is ±0.5°C accurate from -10°C to +85°C.
So if your have a pre-ZW5 FGK-10x, running my pre-ZW5 version of the Handler v0.9.5.4, then the most likely culprit (99% probability) is a defective DS18B20.
Apparently, there are some defective parts sold on eBay and elsewhere, so if you buy a new one, buy it from a well know electronic components source (Digikey…).

Thanks for the reply. I’m using this sensor purchased from amazon.

FIBARO 857934005119 Door Window Z-Wave Magnetic Opened/Closed Sensor, FGK-101, White

I have V2 hub and the version of your handler I’m running is v0.9.5.4, 3 December 2018 and hub firmware version is 000.030.00005.

My pool pilot is reading 83 degs F but as of writing this the sensor is reading 74.1 which I would say is well beyond an acceptable tolerance. Anyways, unless you have an idea I suppose I will chalk it up as defective. Thanks again for the reply.

Beware that what you call your “pool pilot” (likely similar to my own PoolCop) measures water temperature at a different place from your remote DS18B20. Upper and lower layers of water in a swimming pool may have significant temperature differences , especially when the pump is not working.

Also, I would replace the FGK-101 battery before tinkering with your remote DS18B20 : strange things happen when the battery comes near its end of life.

Anyway, the proper check would be to compare the behavior of the FGK-101 fitted with a NON-remote DS18B20, and a “calibrated” thermometer within 10" of each other.
Then you will know for sure if your remote DS18B20 is defective (which according to some posts in this thread seems to occur even more frequently than for “naked” DS18B20).

And for the sake of completeness, yes, you could customize my custom Handler and “skew” the measured temperature before it is reported by the Hub. But I do not recommend you go this way, since the temperature difference is too big to be only a minor adjustment problem.

My Pool Pilot is a salt chlorinator that has multiple sensors built in. The temp probe is built into the return so as long as the pump is running, water is passing over the probe. The DS sensor is submerged 2 feet into the water from a custom waterproof enclosure I fab’d.

Not sure what a non-remote DS18B20 is so I have some research to do.

The naked DS18B20 is the electronic chip at the end of your black cable (where it is enclosed in resin).
You may want to buy more than one, just in case you are unlucky with the first one.
The eBay link is to a UK seller with a good rating, but I am sure there are plenty too in the States.
The “naked” chip connection is as described in Diagram 2 of the Fibaro FGK-101 Operating Manual. Do not mix connections.

It is worth changing the DS18B20 sensor as they can be bad. I had one.

One thing to mention is you need to exclude and re-include the Fibaro device as the sensors have an embedded serial number that is used during the include.

Thanks for the tip. I will be sure to do that once I get a new one ordered.

Got my FGK-101 sensor working. It’s monitoring my pool temp. Using FGK-101 Temperature & Door/Window Sensor Handler v0.9.5.4, 3 December 2018. I using Smartthings and Alexa. I would like to set a alarm for 84F. Been reading around and didn’t see anything that would work. Thanks

@Mike_Funaro I am sorry Mike, but I stopped adding features to my Handler a long time ago. The little bandwidth I have available yet is fully used for maintenance.

That said, it is certainly possible to modify my handler to achieve your purpose, you just have to be familiar with SmartThings / Device Handlers / Groovy / Java and be ready to spend some (unspecified…) number of hours experimenting with the code to be added.
The good (?) thing is that, since you have a pre-ZW5 FGK-101, you won’t have to play with parameters 54 & 55…

May be somebody has already done that extension and would like to volunteer to publish it ?