Fibaro smoke sensor battery not updating

I have 3 Fibaro Smoke sensors (FGSD-002).
All 3 has low battery warnings and I changed battery and pressed the button 3 sec but the low battery warning remains on all 3.
How do I update battery?

Just had this issue myself. Remove battery, wait one minute, replace battery and cover, count to 10 then press button to wakeup device.

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Doesn’t work for me. Any other ideas?

Maybe try gain and this time capture thew live logging from the IDE. Can you post the relevant section.

@paros did you ever found out how to update battery information?
I’m having same issue. Original battery reported to be 20% so I changed it. It still shows 20% and according IDE there has not been any battery leverl infomartion updated in 7days. I’m not sure how often fibaro should update battery information but it seems that it does not happen often or it never happens.

@siwilson 's instructions did not help… :frowning:

No… Now the battery for all my smoke sensor are 100%.
Doesn’t t seems to update status.

What the… how do we then know when the battery is gone?
It just stops reporting temperature and then change battery…

EDIT: actually could it be that it updates battery information once in a month…:

EDIT. I have to admit that @siwilson 's instructions work after all. Yesterday I was not patient enough to wait 1minute but today I really did and that worked. Battery is now 100%.
I noticed that when battery is taken off there will be short beep after 50-60seconds. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds like there is internal battery which goes 0% “beeeeeeppppppppp…”. After that when new battery is intstalled green light will automatically flash with beep sound. That did not happen yesterday. So I suppose sensor has to be completely powerless before installing new battery and that takes 60seconds.