Battery monitoring not working?

I’ve begun to notice that the correct battery status is not being reported.

A few of my devices have been sat at 88% battery for over a year, which I thought was great.
The other day, I noticed my Fibaro door sensor was at 19% so I decided to replace the battery. Turns out that my battery is still at 19%, so i’m going to take a guess that battery monitoring is broken across the board.

Anyone else having this issue?

When changing batteries I’ve noticed it can take 24 - 48 hours to show the new battery percentage. For existing batteries depending on the device it only goes down in intervals. My ST motion sensor for example stayed for months in 88%, then jumped below 50%.

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Are you using alkaline batteries or rechargeables?

Standard off the shelf ones.

I’ve just noticed as @ZebraBlinds has said that it does seem to take a while.
My ST Motion Sensor has gone up from 88% to 89% over the course of a year. Go figure

If you’re referring to the battery level shown when you open the device from the Things screen, that’s controlled by the DTH and ST has no control over how the DTH is written.

To conserve the battery life, a lot of device type handler’s won’t report the battery level unless a specific amount of time has passed. This is often the reason that the battery level doesn’t change immediately after replacing the battery.

Another issue is that lots of devices don’t report a battery percentage they just report whether or not the battery is OK which is why you might have devices that report 100% for a long time and then drop to 1%.