Fibaro Roller Shutter - single\double\triple press Scene Activation

Hi all,
I have Fibaro Roller Shutter modules and the Smartthings hub is on the way to me
I know that Fibaro has some functionality that if I define the module to work with presser switch N.O the I can do some internally scene, e.g one press open 10%, two presses 50%, 3 presses 100%
is it possible to activate it with SmartThings?

Might not through the stock DH as it might not exposing those Scenes to the app, but I think you can define your own scenes inside SmartThings with the percentages.

I have other roller shutter controllers and those support level values. The Fibaro DH must support that too.

I don’t think that SmartThings can detect triple press on a switch and act accordingly, I’m wrong?

I don’t think, but the device itself will do its stuff if you set it up without any controller that way.

You can tell from ST to the device to move to 10% or 69%.

But I want the single tap and the triple tap will act differently

I set up six Shutter 3’s this morning and it doesn’t do what you’re asking.

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Ok, I guess it’s a limitation of SmartThings, in Vera or OpenHAB this optionS is possible

Ok, now I understand what you mean, I haven’t seen that feature before with the Roller shutters.

I’ve just checked the FGR-223 manual and one of the custom DHs for the the device and that hasn’t got that feature, but it can be implemented, because the platform has capabilities for single, double, triple press and hold/release button presses and it knows how zwave scene controllers communicate on the zwave level.

You can write your own custom DH for the device and add the zwave scene controller part and then you can use your FGR-223 as a scene controller/remote. You can define your own Automations and what you want to control with the different presses.

But, you should consider that, you shouldn’t use single press and hold/release for scenes, otherwise you would loose local control of the roller blinds.

SmartThings is a cloud based platform, all custom DH executed in the cloud, all scenes and Automations at the moment executed and stored in the cloud.
In case of an internet outage, you would like to have the single press and hold features to physically (locally) control your device and not rely on the cloud scenes.

@Alwas, does the FGR-223 supported by the new app and has a stock DH? Or what custom DH are you using?

Using this one…

That @philh30 kindly adapted from @julbmann who did one for the Fibaro 2, 222.

Using the classic app because the new app isn’t ready yet.

Ok, that’s what I have looked at. The scene control could be implemented there too. But, it is, as you wrote, based on the FGR 222 DH, what hasn’t got that feature.

Hi thanks, I’m new to SmartThings so I have no idea about DH and how to create them, I will need some help.
Regarding the old app vs the new one, is what you talked about is supported only on the old app?

If you look at the thread I posted, it has instructions for adding that DTH/device type handler, for the new and classic app, including ultra clear instructions of the exact order of every single key you need to press on your keyboard with your fingers.

@Alwas & @Barak_Michaeli, I have looked at the Dimmer Switch 2’s DH and that one actually has the scene control already defined.