BUTTON for Fibaro FGR-222 Roller shutter 2

Hi guys,

I came across a problem the other day when our internet was down. Our blinds couldn’t be operated since I haven’t got any physical buttons to open/close. It’s all controlled by Smartthings hub.

Do you have any sleek button recommendations that I can controll 3 blinds with? I could have 3 individual ones or one combined. Any ideas is much appreciated !

Unless the device handler for your blinds is local to the hub, you’ll still be in same boat when your internet goes out. The device handlers for the blinds and button, and the Smartapp controlling actions, all need to be local.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me on this.
The reason for me thinking that it will work with buttons is the fact that for example light switches turns on and off lights if I use Aeotec or Fibaro Z-Wave dimmers. They aren’t local. Fibaro customer support also recommended physical buttons to control the blinds.

Oh you mean a physical switch not a SmartThings button, yes you definitely should have those.


Yes sorry for the confusement.

Any buttons designs to recommend?! :grinning:

Can this one work? Or will the middle “stop” button have no effect with Fibaro Roller Shutter?

That looks good to me but don’t take my word for it, I’m not the Oracle on these matters, hopefully someone that knows will chime in…

Thanks. It’s more if the Roller Shutter 2 only support up and down. Once it goes down how to you stop it at around 50% without a “stop”/middle button like this Schneider unit.

On mine, if you click down, it goes all the way down, then click down/up again it stops. I don’t think you need the middle button.

Aha, OK, maybe you’re right !! :raised_hands:

I don’t have Fibaro roller blind Relay, but as far as I know, the Fibaro ones support all kind of buttons, switches. I think it has two switch inputs.

It can be Momentary (press and release or hold) or Permanent/Toggle switch (interlocking).

It might support single Momentary switch too.

The most common way is the interlocking physical switch. Where you have got two switches, what are inter locked and self locking (Only one can be on at the time.) Up and Down switch.
When you press down it starts moving down. Depends on settings Momentary or Permanent, if you toggle down back it stops (Momentary) or keeps going down (Permanent), in this case you need to press the down button to stop it. It does work the same way for up.

Or there is the option when the switch is itching and inter locked.

Or have a single switch, itching, and that repeats down stop up stop commands.

It would definitely not work with a 3 button switch it has only 2 input.

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:top: what he said.

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Looking at the specs it would work probably. 3 terminal = 1 in + 2 out.

Look at the manual how you can configure the connected switch.

Right side of first page and middle of the second page, you will find what you need to configure.

You might need to look at the DH is that possible to change these settings from there.

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Thanks a lot for this in-depth reply, I much appreciate it !!
Having read your reply I think the two button switch (up and down button) will be the most obvious one for users not experienced in roller blinds. If I purchase the same from Schneider in a 2-button layout I’ll give it a spin !
I’m just a tiny bit worried about modifying the Fibaro units as I had issues to begin with to make them display open and closed positions and I often had to flip it in the DH.

Again thanks guys.

That must be due to your wiring.

By the way, Fibaro is a bit more expensive than many other competitors, but their firmware has so many options and features included. You can use a single device for many different use cases and with many different kind of hardware. Perhaps the most flexible solution.

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Vesternet has very good info…