Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

I recently purchased a Fibaro RGBW controller 2 along with a power supply
and an RGBW light strip to work with my SmartThings hub. I wired everything
up and I got it to work but not very well. Here are the problems:

  1. When I tried to add it to my Smartthings hub, I had to press the Service
    button three times several times before the device was found. However, the
    device that it thought was found was the Aeon LED Bulb. Is that correct?
    Should it not see something called Fibaro RGBW Controller?

  2. When it pairs the “Aeon LED Bulb” to Smartthings, it initially says the
    device is on even though it is off. It never seems to get the correct
    off/on status and when I try to turn it on or off it will usually work but
    the status always says “Turning off/on” and never updates to off or on. I
    did this with the device literally 5 feet from the hub. I have a whole
    house full of z-wave devices attached to my Smartthings hub from various
    manufacturers and they all work fine.

  3. I updated the device driver with the Fibaro device driver for the RGBW
    Controller and I also tried a third party device handler, and while I can
    kind of get the led strips to turn on/off and change color, it is typically
    very slow and the on/off status is never correct.

Fibaro says it won’t work unless the “community” creates a new device driver and said I could write one myself. While I have the skill to do that (probably), I’d prefer to spend my time doing something else. Does anybody have any solution?



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I am having very similar problems, but I can’t get it to change color at all. I am thinking about returning it. Fibaro really shouldn’t say it works with Smart Things at all because it just doesn’t function properly. What device handler did you use?


I agree that Fibaro should be more up front with what this device works with. I have seen videos online of people getting the initial version of controller to work, and I even tried ordering the initial version, but was sent another Controller 2. I tried the SmartThings driver as well as this one: . Like I said in my original post, I can get it to work (in terms of turning off/on and changing colors) but SmartThings never really knows the on/off status of the lights and it never gets a status update when you actually try and turn on or off the lights. I would try the codersaur driver and you should be able to get something to work.

However, I am going to return mine as without proper on/off status, and weird timing of color changing, it is useless to me. Of course, I don’t know of any other alternative that will work with SmartThings except getting something like the Philips Hue LED strip but then you have to also buy their hub to integrate with SmartThings.

Let me know if you make any progress. It seems like if I had enough information I could modify the codersaur device driver to work.


Offering no help to you…I have Dresden, Fibaro and Qubino devices I depend on to control numerous RGBW strips and they wouldn’t work without device handlers created by members of the community. I don’t have the knowledge, talent, nor desire to learn the programming skills to create or modify handlers. I wish the manufactures would provide handlers for their products. I see potential in the new SmartThings app with all the trademarks on the “add a thing” pages.

Sorry no help, i just emphasize with your situation and I continue to thank community members for device handlers.

I have the same problem. I used DHT: and created a piston in webcore: Every 30 seconds FibaroRGB gives itself Refresh. This works almost perfectly.
If you press Refresh manually, you will see that RGBW information is updated

With this it should work. The problem is that the colors change very slowly. You can try, it worked for me

It works correctly for me with this handler. [RELEASE] Zooz RGBW Dimmer (ZEN31) Only energy monitoring does not work.