Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 V3.3 - Pet tuning and exposed Properites


Have to say worked straight out of the box with Smarthings. However the annoying thing is when I read the manual it say you can adjust option 1 and 3 sensitivities for pets. So had a look in Smarthings front end and not there. So now I’m sort of getting familiar with ST I also had a look at the Device handler it has associated itself with and also these don’t seem to be exposed.

Basically is there a way with existing exposed parameters to tune out pets or an alternative DH which have the properties exposed which work with V 3.3 ?



there are some device handlers that you can load into the IDE.

though note that you have the better of the 2, zw5 which is the zwave plus version and does not play well with the older regular zwave device handlers.

i used to use the device handlers until i found out the built in device handler worked for me.

also, there is a tweaker device handler that you might be able to use to change the value settings.

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Thanks I will give that tweek handler a go