Fibaro motion sensor grrrrr

Looks like you might be using the stock Device Handler. This one is much better:

Then you can click the 3 dot menu (upper right) and Edit Device which allows you to manage all the settings of the sensor.

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I know it appears to do nothing, but it actually does work. First though, you have to edit the settings in the device handler, and then hit Configure (ensuring that the sensor is actively awake at the time).

I have been trying to figure this out for days now , wrote many posts ,and no one replied. I installed my sensor like I would any other Zwave device. I’m also trying to get into the settings for the sensor how do I do this ? How do I install the app above ? Sorry I’m confused not trying to take other the op’s post but I saw this and thought I would jump in.

I have had a look in the 3 dot menu, and I don’t have an edit device option?

Glad it isn’t just me, I’m so confused and can’t get into the configuration settings.

To use the customer Device Handler you need to go to and install it. If you haven’t used the IDE before it’s a little complex. You can follow the instructions here:

Once you do that, then you can use the custom Fibaro device and then you will be able to edit the device from the app.


Yes i know how to use IDE i copy and paste the code … do i have save only, or do i publish too? i tried this and i went into the android app and click on the 3 dots to the right and got no settings

You need to publish too. Remove the device, then publish the device handler, then add the device again so it uses the new handler.

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got it !! thanks for the help

I went through all of it myself so I know what it’s like.

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Thank you so much ! i got it ! you dont know how long i have been trying to get this to work right ! thanks again

Was it that easy? Go into the IDE published that code, under create new device handler, add in that code then delete the sensor through the app and readd it?

First you wanna delete the sensor from the z wave network once it’s unpaired. Go into the IDE copy and paste the code . Create, then set home, save and publish then once that’s done re add the sensor into the zwave network make sure the sensor is right next to the hub when this is done. Then it should work

Which code did you use? Was this in the add device handler part?

I used this code .

Yes in IDE click on the device handler .

I set everything up last night but the sensor still isn’t sensitive enough only detecting me from 6 to 8 feet away. Messed with how it was mounted and everything still not happy, and all my settings are the lowest they can go. I have 25 dollar sensors that pick me up in my living room anywhere I’m at and are 10 times more sensitive,however this one has trouble at 8 feet something is still wrong here. And yes I made sure it was synced.

Also make sure before you copy the code to click on raw , I think it’s on the right side . Once you click on raw copy it

I struggled with this as well until it was suggested that you set the motion sensor up to pick you up crossing the path of it rather than from straight ahead. Depending on the location that may not be possible. I moved mine from the end of the hall to the opposite end so it picks me up walking into the hallway as I pass in front of it. That solved my issue. I do agree they don’t pick up well when walking towards them. I have a Iris detector that picks up EVERYTHING and I find it to actually be worse, because I can’t make it not pick up my dogs and cat. Also, the signal from the Fibaro does seem to be slower than the Iris. So it really depends on your application and what is acceptable.

Thanks again, is it worth all the hassle of setting this up? Is there much within it that you can change?

Yes their is a lot of settings you can change . I’m working on mine now and looks like I’m getting closer to what I wanted

Mines really sensitive and picks me up from a good distance, it’s mounted at the top of the stairs on the roof and wil pick me up at the bottom of the stairs, I haven’t however installed this additional thing, looking at whether it’s worth it?