Fibaro Flood Sensor - False Trigger

Today early morning at 4:00 a.m I received multiple alerts from my Water heater water sensor (Fibaro Flood Sensor) notifying that a leak has been detected. I was glad at first thinking that the sensor finally helped detect a potential disaster. I got up and climbed up the attic and I saw that there was nothing there. It was dry. I picked up the sensor cleaned it up for any potential moisture that could have caused the alarm and went back to sleep. About 15 mins later I got those alerts again. I just ignored and went back to sleep and this morning I got the alerts once again.

In the logs I see “Sensor is wet”, "Sensor is “dry” repeatedly. Which confirmed that its not a true leak. If it was a true leak it would stay at “Sensor is wet”.

Anyone else who saw this issue? I did a reboot of the hub, and a z-wave repair. The sensor is placed in a metal tray.
Any insight or help is appreciated.

The metal tray might be doing it. Moisture sensors work off the conductivity of water. So when the 2 metal probes complete a circuit there must be water, but in your case if your metal pan is completing the circuit you’ll get false alarms.

Interesting for it to trigger after so many days. I do see some correlation with temperature. So the theory can be that the conductivity of the metal is changing with temperature? Its beginning to warm up in Texas. @rangelsammon --> Interesting point to note here!

@ashutosh1982 maybe a pad under it?

I am thinking of putting a small piece of paper towel. That will be perfect as it will absorb water quickly and will not interfere with water leak detection. I opened a support request with Fibaro…and will wait for a formal confirmation on whether the metal tray is the real cause.

The only problem with paper is that your sensor will show that it is wet well after everything else is dry. Think non porous, non conductive… Plastic, stone, ceramics… Ect… Air is also is also wonderfully non conductive, a little tape or a rubber and to raise the sensor up a 1/16 - 1/8in should do the trick.

Good point. But if there is a leak I will mostly attend it and can change the paper at the time. But I think i will place a thin double sided tape and raise it up. It will also keep the sensor in place. Just noticed the ST water sensor and it is actually designed to be slightly raised and the metal probes do not touch the base its on.

I know this is an old thread, but any luck preventing false alarms? I love these devices but I have gotten a couple false alarms lately. Plus a very valid one too, so I have seen the importance of having them!