Fibaro dimmer 2 - access all parameters

Greetings to you all - newbie here!
I have just moved to Smartthings from Fibaro HC2. I am in the process of adding my Fibaro devices, but it’s proving more tricky than i expected.
E.g., adding the FD2 using the default DTH works to some degree, but i can’t get my switches to work how i want and i notice that there are only a limited # of parameters available in ‘settings’.
After some research, i got to the point of understanding custom DTHs (and tried the official Fibaro one on GitHub). However, that doesn’t work properly (and doesn’t have all the parameters either).
Having just learned that Smartthings is moving to Edge drivers, even if i could find one with all the parameters, i assume that custom DTHs will stop working soon anyway!
Is there a solution, or will i have to live without the customisability i was used to with the HC2?

With 15 Fibaro dimmer 2 switches installed in m house, I am nervously waiting to see what happens as well. I have been using a custom device handler from SmartThings/devices/fibaro-dimmer-2 at master · codersaur/SmartThings · GitHub but I guess I will just have to wait and see…

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Does that custom DTH give you all the parameters?

There’s already an awesome Edge driver for Fibaro devices, much better than the “official” one.
Search here for “Edge Fibaro devices”, and it comes up first, then enroll to the channel.