Fibaro CO sensor connects as motion sensor instead of home environment

The co sensor is not in the list of new things in the app. I should expect it in the Home Environment category. When adding the device, SmartThings selects the z-wave plus motion /temp sensor thing type. Why is this?

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The Fibaro CO Sensor is not a supported device. I’m not surprised it doesn’t work.

It’s a certified Z wave product, so normally it would be expected to work with any certified Z wave controller at least at the basic level. Is there something unusual about this particular device?

I know there was an issue in the past with the hardwired Fibaro smoke sensor, but I’m not sure I ever heard the details of that problem.

It’s not available in the US, and it doesn’t fingerprint as a simple CO sensor. Most importantly though, we don’t have a generic DTH for just “CO Sensor”. Maybe by the end of the year :wink:


Thanks for replies and info. The Fibaro smoke sensor connection is Okay. I would expect similar DTH. I’ll wait and see.


Same issue for me here. The Fibaro smoke sensors work nicely with SmartThings but the Carbon Monoxide sensor seems to get detected as a Motion/Temperature sensor. Has anyone been able to hack together a device handler for it?

+1 … it would be great to have a DH for this one

Yes, it’s crazy that there is no support by Smartthings and no device handler for one of the biggest names among smart home systems!

Guess there is a little hope in the answer I received from Fibaro today :

From information I have just received from Development Department handlers are under development at this moment. To be honest, I can not specify any time details here. I kindly ask for your patience in this regard.

Is there an update on the Fibaro CO Sensor ZW5’s integration with ST? It is still only recognised as a temperature sensor and not a CO sensor. For instance, in the ST classic app, when I try and setup a smart home monitor using the Smoke category, the Fibaro co sensor is not shown despite being correctly added to ST. I also manually added the FibarGroup : Fibaro CO Sensor ZW5 device handler downloaded from GitHub to see if it would make a difference but it didn;t. Any help or update on the situation would be very welcome.