Fibaro 2x 1.5kW and momentry switches

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I have been a long time user of Vera and I have purchased the hub today and I am slowly moving my devices over.

in vera I would set option 14, byte hex to 1 and value to 0 to enable momentary switches. can anyone help with smartthings?



There isn’t a system utility in SmartThings that lets you set device parameters, but you can do it through a custom device type. Here’s the general FAQ for that.

And here’s the thread for for the Fibaro device type:

Thanks for the information JDRoberts, clearly a small leaning curve needed.


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just a small update on this and a huge thanks to the other people who have written the code needed. I have just hacked about with it and they are no comments on what I have done. but it might set someone on the correct path.

2 device types are for bistable and momentary. then create to virtual on/off devices and link them together with the app.

at the moment the switch states are polled but I would like to get it to the point where it an instantaneous update

GitHub code

Hi @pukka, do you know if this custom script will work for the single Fibaro relay (FGS211) too - I have the same problem in that I want to change the switch type to momentary but have no way via ST to change this.

If it does work, do you have to change the parameters in the code or can it be done via the UI?

@JDRoberts , the thread you linked to is great for the Fibsro dimmer, but not for the relay.

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks

I use this code for the Fibaro Relay 222

But I have also used it on many other devices to change parameters. Just use the code to change parameters and then change back to your original device handler, the parameters are saved in the device

Thanks for your response - how do you change parameters using this script - is there a configure button in the ST app for the device once connected using the handler or do you change them in the code before adding to the module?

Many thanks

You change it in the app with the settings button on the top righthand corner within the device. There you can select the parameter and value you want to change.

That is great news. So is the device handler dynamic enough to pick up the parameters of the host device automatically? I basically want to just change one parameter to ensure the relays know that I am using momentary switches (parameter 14 for the Fibaro FGS211)

No, you just change one parameter at the time, try it out. It’s pretty straight forward

Got it - thanks again for your help - I will try this out for sure.

One last question - once the parameter is set, how does it get pushed to the device - do you do a reboot of the ST hub or just wait for a few minutes - I assume the parameters are pushed rather than the device polling ST periodically?

It’s pushed to the device when you hit the done button. There is also a configure button you can use to force it again