Fibaro 2 Dimmer associated with a permantely wired Fibaro RGBW

Hi, when I was originally planning my kitchen under cabinet lighting I wanted a RGBW under the worktop on an island and a White strip down the length of the kitchen against a wall all on the same circuit. I soon discovered that this could not work. So I now have the 2 way momentary switch connected to a Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 controlling a non dimmable White LED strip. I also have a mains powered Fibaro RGBW controller that is not connected to a physical switch, it’s just always on.

I want the momentary switch on the wall to turn the White LED light on and off, and also use the switch to send singles to the RGBW to turn it on and off and change the brightness. I appreciate I would have to use an app to change the colour.

Is this possible - don’t mind writing a Device Handler

I think you can do what you are trying to achieve using the Fibaro Dimmer Scenes app.

You would need to look in the recently screen for your Dimmer 2 and see which scene number is activated when you turn your switch on and off. Then in the dimmer scenes app set those scenes to switch on or off your RGBW strip.

Check out this thread for more information.

I have a Dimmer 2 and have added a 2 gang switch, the second switch is connected to S2 on the dimmer and I use the fibaro dimmer scene app to toggle the two lamps in that room.

My RGBW lights in my kitchen are controlled by routines or by voice using an Amazon echo. I have no switch for them.

Ive been trying to get this working, however getting nowhere. Ive installed 2x 212 dimmers, the device handler and the smart app. When i configure the dimmer in the app it keeps showing the error that i haven’t populated a option field. This shows whatever i do. I went onto the webpage filled in EVERY option. If i then go into the app on my android phone it will show a field is incorrectly filled in even though everything is filled in.

If i configure on the webpage it will take the config however will not actually do anything.

I have noticed also if i hit the “Configure” button in the device it does nothing.

Just trying to get the second button to turn my led strip lights on and off!