Fibaro 2 Dimmer (212 not 211)


No, nothing into S2. In a single toggle switch setup to have your switch across the Sx and S1 terminals of the dimmer. Typically that means Sx to Common on your switch and S1 to either L1 or L2 on your switch.

For a typical UK 2-way setup you would connect your dimmer across L1 and L2 (Sx to L1 and S1 to L2) at one of the switches and then connect L1, L2 and Common 1:1 across to the second switch. As far as the dimmer is concerned all it can see is a make or break on between Sx and S1 just like a single switch setup.

What makes this function correctly is to configure for toggle switches and to disable S2 from controlling the dimmer. Set parameter 20 to 1 and parameter 26 to 0.

I have another issue with the dimmer controlling a dimmable electronic transformer, but as far as the switching is concerned it now works perfectly.


What switch are you using? Toggle switch, or momentary? The code I’ve provided sets the parameter to use only on/off using the switches, and the dimmer is controlled over the app. If you use toggle switch and want dimmer functionality, you need to change the parameter but the functionality of the physical switch changes. It will keep dimming up to maximum till you flick the switch at your desired level, and vice versa, This is not the functionality I wanted.

Please check the fibaro manual and change your parameters as per your requirement.


I had the same issue, followed the instruction by siwilson, changed parameter 26 and this has solved it.



I think I’m using toggle switch (on/off)

[quote=“rmbhatia, post:185, topic:24396”]
If you use toggle switch and want dimmer functionality, you need to change the parameter but the functionality of the physical switch changes.
[/quote] yes , but sorry for maybe stupid question with parameter ?
Now I using 2x40W standard bulb in this installation



I bet in some scenarios if you flip the toggle switch, you break the connection between Sx and S1, say, and then a fraction of a second later complete the connection between Sx and S2 and this counts as 2 state changes. This solution would therefore make sense!

I’ll have to give this a go when I get some time to wire a dimmer back in.

cancel that, its started again! i have now removed the dimmer 2 module. i ordered some cheap 2 position centre off retractible switches, these can be wired in series and can be used to dim the lights up and down.

light switch

Removed mine too, too unreliable and was driving us mad! FIbaro forums also reporting issues so it’s not a ST issue.

Well with momentary switches, all of mine are faultless. I’m also looking at getting S2 to be a ‘smart’ switch so I can get it to do something. The first step looks to be turning on parameter 28.

Any idea how to change this parameter?

I have configured mine to ‘roller blind switch - two switches operate the Dimmer 2 (S1 to brighten, S2 to dim)’ and installed retractible switch with centre off switch. I then just added more switches in parallel.

You need to set parameter 20.
Available settings:
0 - momentary switch
1 - toggle switch
2 - roller blind switch - two switches operate the Dimmer 2 (S1 to brighten, S2 to dim)

Thanks for getting back to me , but I’m new here can you tell me exactly where change this parameters (step by step) Thanks

You need to look for this section of the code in Rajiv’s device handler and change as appropriate. It’s around line 230:

def configureAfterSecure() { log.debug "configureAfterSecure()" secureSequence([ /** zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 20, size: 1, scaledConfigurationValue: 1), // Enable Dimmer to work with Toggle Switch zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 26, size: 1, scaledConfigurationValue: 1), // S2 can control dimmer as well zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 32, size: 1, scaledConfigurationValue: 1), // On/Off Mode (0=Dimmer,1=On/Off,2=Auto) zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 35, size: 1, scaledConfigurationValue: 2), // Auto Calibration (0=No after Power On, 1=On First Power On, 2=On Each Power On) */

All of mine is commented out as I’m running a completely default set.

That’s a nice setup, and is very intuitive.

However I’ll be looking to use S2 as a smart switch (parameter 28 allows the Fibaro to send a z-wave code/signal on button press). It might take me a while to figure out how to do this as my language is usually VBA!

John Thank you , Ill check setup soon and let you know :slight_smile:

Hello I am very new to ST, I was under the impression the the Fibaro 212 was not supported by ST v2 HUB in the UK as it does not appear in the app.
Here are some “stupid” basic questions if anyone can answer and help me understand please?
The Fibaro dimmer 2 (212) Is it working out of the box with ST ?
I just want to use the 212 it as an on off switch only on a 2 way switch configuration in my hallway - I have one witch by the entrance and one switch at the end of the hallway i want to wire the 212 to one of them and make the lights come on with ST door sensor and still be able to control the lights normal via the 2 switches.

Thank you in advance

Should work. My code is set up for 2 way basic on off switch. You should be able to add smart rules to control via motion sensor.

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hi, has anyone managed to get the second switch to work in ST, I’m looking at using it as a mood switch.

You need to enable parameter 28 to start with, that will get both S1 and S2 transmitting on the Z-Wave network when pushed. That’s as far as I’ve got. Please let me know if you get anywhere with this, as I’d dearly love S2 to be a ‘smart switch’.

I’ve got a Fibaro Dimmer 2 setup with a toggle switch, a bypass and the custom device and most of the time it works well.
There are times when it will switch on (1/2sec), off (1/2sec), on-off(1/2sec), on(1/2sec) and can get stuck in that cycle.
I have an Ikea PS 2014 light (Nicknamed the deathstar) that states:
“Due to the built-in overheating protection this lamp can only be used with an energy efficient light bulb, max. 13 watts”

Would my guess be right that the Bypass is puching the load over 13 watts and the Ikea light is doing the cycled switching on off?

I suppose I can try it without the bypass, or look to remove the overheat protection from the Ikea light…


I Doubt that is your problem, the bypass wont increase the load at the light. That is fixed.
The over heating protection is likely to be just a thermal cut out. I would not expect this to cycle anywhere near this quick.

Are there any other lights on this circuit? Overload
Did you calibrate it with the bypass? From memory I think there is a specific setting to calibrate it with the bypass to the one without a bypass.

If this happens at the same times, I would think more likely you have some rules or logic conflicts causing it.