Fibaro 2 Dimmer (212 not 211)


Wonder if anyone can help me as I’m a complete novice. I’m trying to use Fibaro Dimmer 2 for a new build. My electrician has wired a test circuit with a momentary switch.

I’ve successfully got the Fibaro dimmer to be recognised by ST, but it doesn’t work. It constantly says the bulb is on when it isn’t. Trying to change the brightness or the state of the bulb in ST doesn’t work.

I’ve tried multiple Fibaro and non-Fibaro controllers and none of them make a difference.

Any ideas what might be going wrong and where to start in solving the problem?

I’m using iOS.


The module could be faulty. I had one that was. Can you do a range test?

Managed to get it working after resetting and going through the set up process couple of times. Seems to be working ok now.

The next challenge…

I have an Aeotec multi-sensor 6 in each room which measure lux levels. Anyone know how I can set the dimmer to change the level of brightness when it switches on depending on the lux level in that room?

Great, changing to Auto worked for me thanks

Led lights x9 and Halogen x1 fitted in living room, If I fit all 10 Led bulbs they don’t turn off completely.

Fitted Dimmer2 kit to porch lights and they work OK on the toggle switch but the Dimmer2 doesn’t work at all via the app.

Issue is that it just comes up with turning off or turning on with no data showing.
I have set it up the same as my other ones without issue.

The only thing I can think of is that it is part of the old hose wiring red and black wires and it is also on a double switch, 1 side for the hall and one side for the porch light, I had only connected it to the porch side. Wires are separate not linked together.

I have tried repairing and changing the bulbs

Any ideas?

Hi all,

Just to let you know, I’ve released a major update to my Fibaro Dimmer 2 device handler, with support for full parameter synchronisation, multi-channel device associations, protection modes, fault reporting, and advanced logging options. :grinning:

As someone recommended a long time ago, I’ve finally created a separate thread for it:

All feedback welcome!

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Can anyone confirm they’re using these (or anything similar) in a metal backbone, with a metal switch plate (e.g. - I’m concerned that the attenuation of the Z-Wave signal (from being completely enclosed in a metal box) will be a problem.

It’s obviously a bit of a ‘it depends’ situation, but should I just expect to be putting them into the ceiling?

I would say no as it worked for me as I have the dimmer behind the metal backbox ( as too small for the module but has a gap by the supporting beam) and a metal Schneider screwless plate and had no problem pairing and working with the smartthings hub one floor below and hiding behind a office desk.

it may be different if you have concrete walls though

Phil, I used those Varilight retractive switches (mixture of 2,3 and 4 gang) for 32 fibaro dimmer 2 circuits and 5 fibaro relay circuits. However, the backboxes were plastic. Works fine.

Installed it and it worked first time - looks like a lot effort went into that - thanks. Will be a good reference point for a starter like me

I’ve fixed this and sent David a pull request

I’ve got about 10 of these now working in brick walls with metal backboxes and metal faceplates. All seem to be working reliably - although it’s still early days for me.

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Just got my Fibaro 212 set up.

I have a momentary switch in S2 that when pressed triggers anything you want.

I have 1 click - full lights
2 click med lights
3 click lights off.

Works a treat - Fibaro Dimmer Double Click Action

If you need any help let me know

OK what am I doing wrong? :fearful:

I used rmbhatia Rajiv code from Sep '15 - Saved and published to the device obvisouly, go to the app click on it and the light flick on and more or less straight away they turn off!!

Which parameters do I need to change?

Thanks, I it was a while ago but I think I was asking why triple click didn’t work on S1. I didn’t have a switch connected to S2. I’ve been using that app an have a double click turn the lamps on and off. And on my switch in the lounge that has S2 the second switch toggles the laps on and off. It works great.

I’ve read somewhere recently that the new device handler has instructions for getting the association working so the dimmer can directly control other devices without going through the hub, but I’ve not tried this yet.

Yup, using this device handler you can configure device assocations (including multi-channel associations) The direct communication between devices typically gives a much quicker response then relying on a smartapp.

[RELEASE] Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) - Advanced DTH (V2)

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OK - So I have managed to sort my problem, I had a faulty dimmer 2 exchanged it and installed the new one. Same code switch works on/off but hardly dims the LED bulbs? I have enough load around 120w - They are dimmable with an ordinary dimmer.

Auto-calibration has probably been overly-conservative determining the min and max dimming levels. Check what it’s set them as and adjust as necessary.

Yeah spot on ! All sorted now I thought I had done that. Cheers :+1:

Hi All,

I have install the Fibaro dimmer 2 in my hallway and connected to LED Dimmerable GU10 bulbs. I can dim them perfectly from the App, but when I select a routine which I have created which under motion lights will come on and set to 20%, they will only go to full 100%.

Anyone know who i can resolve this.