FEIT Wifi outlets driven by SmartThings

Smartthings is in the middle of a major architectural change.

Major major.

Up until now, most smartapps and many DTHs, all of which were written in the groovy language, ran in a cloud that was hosted for free by Samsung and made available to any customer.

That service is going away.

Instead, DTH is which run on the hub will be written in LUA, a different programming language, and are described as “edge drivers.“

Custom Smart apps and any other custom DTHs will have to be hosted by the customer themselves and then communicate with smartthings cloud to cloud.

The DTH is which are already using the new cloud architecture show up in the IDE as “placeholder.“

Once this transition is complete, the IDE itself will go away. So again, major major changes.

It’s not just a matter of updating existing Groovy code: everything will have to be rewritten from scratch unless you find that you can now use the official features.

There have been multiple official announcements about this:






. Staff have said multiple times that the majority of smartthings customers have 15 or fewer devices and never use any custom code. So they won’t see any differences and won’t have to change anything, it will all happen behind the scenes for them.

But those using custom code will have to find substitutes for that code. :thinking: