FEIT Smart Plugs

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I have a working Smarthings system for my LeakSmart sensors and valve.

Now, I’d like to integrate my FEIT Smart Plugs.
Although SmartLife does everything I want to do with these, my goal is to delete this app and use SmarThings only and to use advanced routines (ie if and then logic) with them.

Can I delete SL and still have integration with ST app through the cloud?

I have successfully integrated SL with ST (The integration is supported now!).

But, I cannot find the FEIT plug in my ST app. I understand how to create a virtual switch in. the advanced smarthings website, but I don’t know how to correlate it with SL or the FEIT plug.

Anyone, please help!

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@Paul_Oliver has made a good guide

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For a few days now, Smarthings displays a generic on switch and a generic off switch after I add the two settings in SmartLife. When I tap on either, Smarthings states that “ It has not yet updated the device information. Try again later”. Admittedly, in those couple of days, I added and removed the actions in SmartLife a couple of times, but it should update within minutes, right?

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When you first import the Tuya Tap-to-Run devices into ST they will say connected on the device tiles. Once you press the on/off button one time the tile should say on or off. Then the devices are ready to use in ST automations.

Keep in mind that the On and Off displayed on these Tap-to-Run tiles means nothing.

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The on/off button you mean is the actual on/off button on the switch?

One thing that bothers me: If I have one physical FEIT smart plug in the Smart Life app…and I create two on/off automations. Then these two show up in Smarthings…How do I create an advanced automation using “if and then” logic? Do I have create duplicate automations for each tile? Why? or what do the two tiles represent?

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No, I mean push the button on the SmartThings (ST) device tile that was imported from SmartLife.

For each plug in SmartLife you need to create one Tap-to-Run automation to turn the plug on and a 2nd Tap-to-Run automation to turn the plug off. Both of these will get imported in ST when you run the integration.

So you end up with an ON tile and an OFF tile that look like switches in ST for each device in SmartLife.

What I usually do is combine these 2 switches by creating a virtual switch in ST. Then I write 2 ST routines.

  1. If the Virtual Switch turns On, then toggle the ON tile.
  2. If the Virtual Switch turns Off, then toggle the OFF tile.

It is a little convoluted but it works reliability.