FEIT bluetooth chandelier bulb = virtual ST device?

Of course ST has bluetooth capability, and of course it’s not yet functional lol

So in the meantime, I have a small fixture in my hallway that uses chandelier bulbs. And today in HomeDepot I saw the FEIT bluetooth-controllable bulbs, including smart chandelier bulbs. And I’m thinking that while I would need the bluetooth app to dim them, it might be possible to create a virtual on-off switch device in Smartthings that, via Tasker on my control tablet, turns that chandelier on and off.

Before I try it, has anyone else created such virtual switch? Any advice to offer?

There’s a guy who did it with Tasker and a Satechi Bluetooth button, the principle should be the same.

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Thanks… pretty much what I imagined. ST would not be able to directly monitor the state of the lights, but it could get a ‘report’ from Sharptools. And then a button on the ST panel could turn them on or off via Sharptools/Tasker.

Of course, I’m using the tablet as the main control panel and using home screen icons and voice commands… so I’d likely try to find some way to directly voice-control those lights. i guess I’m seeing ST more as one component in a system than as the center of the system.

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So out of curiousity why not just use a smart wall switch or smart relay behind the light?

Dimmability, and bad wiring. I just tried putting a motion detecting switch in a different location, but the switch leg has no neutral OR ground so it doesn’t work. This switch leg has the same issue (not uncommon in homes built in the late 1940s). I don’t want to re-wire my home, but I do want to be able to dim those lights. If there is a ST compatible smart dimmer out there that requires no neutral or ground, and costs significantly less than two smart lights, I’m all ears.

Did you get this to work? I have similar need where I can’t use a smart switch either, so curious. Thanks!

Nope. Though I might look into it again soon.

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