[APP REQUEST] Virtual Dimmer to Virtual Switch

Hoping somebody can either point me to do this with existing apps or a coder can whip this up… Like many people, I have Lutron Caseta switches that I wish I could integrate into ST. The way I deal with this now is to create Virtual Switches in ST and use IFTTT as a bridge so when I turn on the virtual switch it turns on the physical lutron switch. Obviously this is far from ideal as I can get out of sync and the integration is only 1 way. However its good enough. The one thing I miss is dimming. What I can do is setup say 4 virtual switches and each one of them correspond to a dimming level, and then when that switch is turned on, use IFTTT to dim physical switches at corresponding level. However this kind of sucks to maintain.

Thus, I am looking for a smart app, and possibly a custom virtual dimmer where it automatically creates the corresponding switches for the dimming levels, and sets each one to on / off as you dim the light. Still would need the IFTTT settings done manually (likely) but would make life easier.

Sorry for the rambling post. Hope somebody understands and can help.

Actually, that is a great ask. I was wondering the same thing - as it is a little bit of a tease that you can make an applet that can send a variable, but Smarthings can’t catch it.

Ideally something like “set living room light to 45%”. My work around was the same as yours, creating a bunch of virtual switches. Grrr. If you’ve found a more elegant/efficient method, let me know…