Features that Don’t Have Parity with Classic [Feb 2021]

Device History (android app) Listed history for sleepy end devices does not show reports of battery status / level, even though the device is reporting the battery level correctly.


Sensors that have the “barometric pressure” capability: App tile has no place for display of pressure even though the device is reporting it and the device handler is attempting to handle it.

Yes, in the Classic App you could use a specific time and sunrise/sunset with offsets.

At 7:00 p.m each day turn on Porch light
Turn off 30 minutes before sunrise


I thought so! I’m not going crazy after all lol

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Yes, that vanished from the history a while back. I thought perhaps it might now be considered part of device health or something like that and so it was being presented differently. However it just seemed to vanish and not be replaced, which is annoying as seeing regular battery reports can be a good way of knowing sensors are working.

Not heard of that capability. There is, however, an ‘Atmospheric Pressure Measurement’ capability and that works fine.


Adding a text notification to an automation crashes the app. Rebooting the phone does not fix the problem.

I received these two comments from tickets I opened.

The STHM Send Text Message option won’t save any contacts I enter, but text messages from Automations and SmartApps work fine, and they responded.

I would like to inform you that we have recently noticed the issue, where some of the users are not receiving the text messages, This is the know issue on which our team is currently working. We do not have any expected ETA when the issue would get resolved. Once the issue is fixed you will receive an update.

On another ticket I have open they advised that there is this apparent restriction.

The total number of automation behavior should be less than 250. Each device/condition/action in automation counts as a behavior. For example, one automation that controls 10 devices has 10 behaviors

Having this issue as well

luckily for me, they appeared to have resolved that issue with the most recent iOS app update :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. So, I grabbed my iPad and opened the SmartThings app (which I rarely do), but when I select the contact name, the SmartThings app CRASHES. I can’t WIN! Even crashes when I select a contact in an Automation on iOS.

Would it be appropriate to include the loss of Echo Speaks?

Oh, and notice this thread is now private:

Personally, I wouldn’t. :thinking: That was custom code and the reason it was shut off is because it put too much burden on the cloud. I don’t think it really has anything to do with replacing the classic app with the new V3 app, which is what this particular thread is about.


I found a way to to save contacts in the STHM Send Text Message Response feature on Android. I had an older version of the SmartThings app on my device so I uninstalled the latest version, and loaded the older version (in my case SmartThings_1.7.40-21) and that version saved the contacts I entered in the Response section of the STHM. And even after I updated back to the latest version, the contacts were still there. I haven’t tried to edit them in the latest version, but I’m sure if I did that would be deleted and nothing would be saved.

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By far the biggest loss for me is the ability to see which smart apps apply to a device - at the device level . Combined with that the loss of the ability to see which automation or smart app triggers an action in history.

Flying blind on system that needs regular maintenance! I could forgive the constant troubleshooting previously because it was so easy to see what actually caused an issue.


You can still see this in the IDE when you select the device… but yes, it is far more complicated now than before where it was visible in the app!

This only works for Groovy smart apps (i.e. Smart Lighting, webcore, etc.). It doesn’t work for Automations in the new app, Rules API, endpoint apps, etc.


Both of you should read more carefully…

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Some actions in history show which automation triggered the change but not smart apps from what I can see?

Seems to be limited to ST automations

Thank you JD, excellent thread which needs to be stickied

Item 26 is a massive loss

Small items
Smartthings app does not rotate to landscape on phone

Using Samsung DeX
On screen Smartthings app broadcast from phone has NO textual hyperlinks for anything !
This is basic usability and should be corrected easily and quickly, that’s a real no no, give the job to an intern, its really not that hard


an item to consider for #34 in the growing list…

if you have geolocation disabled in the app, you are unable to create Automations that contain location. It will prompt you to enable geolocation for the device. You could do this in the classic app with routines. This makes it difficult for users who have tablet devices that don’t need geolocation enabled.